Tyson Fury says Anthony Joshua will be an easier fight than Wilder

Tyson Fury is thinking ahead of his October 9th trilogy match towards his highly anticipated undisputed heavyweight championship fight against Anthony Joshua in 2022.

Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) says Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) will be a much easier fight than Deontay Wilder, and he says he was the easiest of his 13-year professional career.

Joshua is someone that Fury believes is a fake person who puts on a persona when he speaks to the media. Fury says he’s got a glimpse of what the real Joshua is like, and he says he’s “Not a nice person.”

Regardless of what Fury’s thoughts are about who Joshua is, he will be fighting him at some point.

It doesn’t matter what happens with Fury next month against former WBC champion Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs). He’ll still wind up fighting Joshua soon.

Fury’s victory over Wilder last year seems to have warped his view on what he’s capable of doing against him in a rematch and against Joshua. It might be a mistake on Fury’s part to assume that it will be that easy against Wilder in a rematch because it was a perfect situation last time.

Wilder’s legs were worn out from his ring-walk costume, and he came into the fight with an injured right bicep. On top of that, Fury took Wilder’s legs away in the third round when he hurt him with a right-hand rabbit punch.

Wilder’s little power going into the fight was taken away once he was hurt by that rabbit shot from Fury in round three.

Fury told Joshua off during a phone call

“Sure, if the opportunity comes and I can taste blood again,” said Fury to Frank Warren’s Queensbury Promotions if he wants to lick the blood off one of his injured opponents like he did against Deontay Wilder in 2020.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

“I told Andre Ward that I wanted to taste Deontay Wilder’s blood. I had a little taste. It was very satisfying. It just tasted like everybody else’s blood.

“Yes, I have encountered the real Anthony Joshua. Not a nice person,” said Fury when asked what the ‘real Anthony Joshua’ is like. “Sort of a bully. Someone who thought he was going to put the bluff on me.

“I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. He phoned me up one day and said he was going to do this and that to me. It didn’t fare too well for him.

“He decided to give me a telling-off call, and I don’t think he liked what he heard on the end of it. So there will be no telling me off anyway,” said Fury.

It sounds like Fury is still reliving that phone call from Joshua rather than forgetting about it. Hopefully, Fury isn’t still haunted by the call, and thinking about the conversation with Joshua because it’s not going to help him when he gets inside the ring.

Whatever so-called victory Fury believes he got from that phone call from Joshua, it’s meaningless garbage and won’t help him inside the ring.

If Fury feels good about himself for giving Joshua a piece of his mind, good, but it’s irrelevant to what will happen when the two eventually fight.

It does tell you a lot about Fury that he’s still replaying the memory of that phone call rather than forgetting about it, but that’s the type of person Fury is. He lives in the past a lot of the time like an older person.

Joshua will be obliterated, says Fury

“I just told him the truth, and the truth always hurts,” said Fury about Joshua. “Nothing will ever cut you deeper than the truth, and the truth will always set you free. Sometimes people will hide behind the truth and behind the smoke & mirrors. They love it that way.

“When I come across him in a boxing ring, I’ll obliterate him, and it’ll be an easy fight. A lot easier than Deontay Wilder, and that was pretty easy. That was one of the easiest fights I’ve had, but AJ will be easier than that,” said Fury.

Its doubtful Fury will obliterate Joshua unless he catches him with the perfect rabbit punch that hurts him badly like the one he used to decommission Wilder in the third round.