Tyson Fury “likes the Dillian Whyte fight” says Andy Lee

Trainer Andy Lee says Tyson Fury told him that he’d been contemplating retiring from the sport following his recent eleventh round knockout win over Deontay Wilder in their rematch last month on October 9th. Still, he’s now interested in defending against his WBC mandatory/interim heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte.

Fury briefly contemplated the possibility of retiring young, and he doesn’t know what he would do if he hung up his gloves this early in his life. He’d be like baseball great Ty Cobb, retiring while still in his prime in 1928 after batting .336, which was a lesser year for him. Cobb, who made millions in stocks, was reportedly bored retiring early as a wealthy man.

The World Boxing Council are expected to order Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) to defend his WBC title against Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) at their convention this month on November 14th.

Once that happens, Fury will need to decide whether to defend against Whyte next or vacate his title. If Fury does nothing, his WBC belt will be stripped from him by the sanctioning body and likely given to Whyte.

If that’s the scenario that plays out, the 33-year-old Dillian will join the not so prestigious club of the email champions with the WBC, which would put him in the company of Devin Haney.

Whyte won’t turn the WBC belt down obviously because he can use it to open the door for him to get a crack at the winner of the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua rematch next year.

To get to the big money fight against the Usyk-Joshua 2 winner, Fury will need to defeat Whyte unless he wants to vacate his WBC title and ask the sanctioning body to make him their Franchise champion.

Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury boxing image / photo

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Fury has the WBC title in his possession or not. Fury will get the winner of the Usyk vs. Joshua 2 fight because he’s the more popular fighter than Whyte.

That’s not to say that Whyte wouldn’t eventually get a crack at the last man standing between those two fights if he has the WBC title, but he won’t get the winner of the Joshua vs. Usyk II fight right away. In other words, Fury gets the first shot.

It looks like Fury is going to defend Whyte next. Dillian doesn’t care that fans view him as having faked a shoulder injury to squirm out of his October 30th fight against Otto Wallin after finding out the WBC was going to order Fury to defend against him if he didn’t set up a unification fight with IBF/WBA/WBO champion Usyk within 30 days.

“He said, ‘Well, I’m thinking that way [to retire],’ And then he said, ‘On the other hand, what else am I going to do with my life?'” said Andy Lee To TalkSport in what Tyson Fury told him.

“He loves to train, he loves to fight, and although there are no challenges out there for him, he can still take a lot of pleasure in cleaning out the division and beating up these other guys and also earn a hell of a lot of money while doing it.

He likes the Dillian Whyte fight; he is enthused by that; that’s what he is talking about to me, so I can see that being the next one,” said Lee of Fury.

Whyte is a similar type of fighter to Dereck Chisora, only bigger, stronger, but flawed in the same way with his shaky defense and chin. Fury is familiar with Whyte, having sparred with him in the past, so he knows what he’s up against in fighting him.

Whyte looked good in his last fight against 41-year-old Alexander Povetkin last March, but the Russian fighter was coming off a bad case of COVID-19, and he looked terrible physically. The previous year, Povetkin starched Whyte in five rounds in 2020, knocking him clean out. Povetkin would likely have knocked Whyte out a second time if he didn’t come down with COVID.

The only problem with Whyte is he’s got the stigma that will follow him of being viewed by fans as having faked an injury to avoid a risky fight against Wallin, and he’s going to be desperate. If Fury isn’t ready for the all-out assault that Whyte puts on him, he could lose. You’ve got to expect Whyte to rough Fury up as he did in his wins over Dereck Chisora and Joseph Parker.

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  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that fury has retired? Oh what a glorious day! Now , all of his delusional, deluded fanboys may step aside and listen to stories fabricated by the Shrek look a like ogre, fury .
    The fairytale, in some pub, will sound something like this once upon a time in a forest far far away.
    So I grabs ahold of the guy, fair and square, in the middle of the ring, with new gloves , fully padded , and I comencé to give Deontay Wilder a hiding, I beat Deontay Wilder from pillar to post, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
    And we lived happily ever after. The end

  2. Deontay Wilder number one
    Luis Ortiz number two
    No one will fight Luis Ortiz. Not Derrick Chisora not Joseph Parker not Dillian Whyte and certainly not fury.!
    You’ll have to load your gloves for Luis Ortiz fury. Just like you were allowed to do against Deontay Wilder, we all saw the documentation of the finger’s clearly visible through the leather right glove as well as the eggweight loaded left glove clearly visible through the leather as well. We all saw that you loaded gloves for every Deontay Wilder fight,
    You guys are drug cheats, proven documented evidence compiled. There’s no way you could beat Deontay Wilder without loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage steroid use, and that goes for Luis Ortiz as well. You aren’t fooling anyone except high school boys.

    • So right, even a blind person could’ve seen it or even felt Fury’s BS. Not being racist or even blind but England allows the any means necessary rule for there entertainment. Fury truly is a clown bum fighter who act like a big kid with a big ego that beat a lazy 1 dimensional fighter who couldn’t change his boxing style after training to learn better skills. The UK allows drug cheating along the WBC CARTELS, it’s all self explanitory; prove me wrong

  3. We beg of you sir, please leave the sport. Both of you, please! We long for the day that we can once again breath a breath of fresh invigorating, refreshing, and recuperating air. We are sick from the stale ,. stagnated stench of excuses for why you’re not fighting the best. If Luis Ortiz is so old, then why didn’t you simply fight him when he was younger? Be a couple of worthy contenders and fight Luis Ortiz, finally. No more insulting extensions, no more please, please, please!

  4. I like Dillian Whyte, he cheats and he isn’t that good.
    Remember that he tested positive for steroids in the Rivas fight. He had it all taken care of by Eddie Hearn and friends. Mr. Rivas lost a perfect record. Sound filiar?

  5. White man from town like fury can do anything , no matter what, and it’s funny, even multiple felonies.

  6. All of you saw the loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage floppy gloves flopping around all over the place and still you welcome fury as a worthy champion. That is proof that Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. No doubt about it. So go.ahead and gloat, and continue to exhibit symptoms of poor mental health as a cowardly culture. Thank God for the British boxing board of control which is an honorable institution. And God damn the Nevada State Athletic Commission for approving those gloves not once. It twice, the same old cheater’s gloves.

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  9. We now know that the famous green gloves that were internationally published by virtually every sports news Media outlet depicting photographic evidence of glove tampering with fury’s fingers clearly visible through the leather glove are the same gloves used in the trilogy and my favorite part of this epic tale is when fury was instructed to smash Deontay Wilders skull in with an eggweight, clearly fragmenting the cranial bones around the temple area while attempting murder and assault knocking the bejesus out of Deontay Wilders denying equal protection within the law. This is class if racism at it’s most viciously animalistic level.

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  11. They aren’t even good at drug cheating, they get pinched ever time. We’re.tired of watching Deontay Wilder fighting with padded gloves and fury fighting proven documented fighting with metal loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage of bare knuckle against Deontay Wilder having padding in his gloves. Deontay Wilder with padded gloves and fury bare knuckle again would be boring because we’ve seen that three times. Now if you had Deontay Wilder with padded gloves and fury with equally padded gloves then that would be a great short fight. Deontay Wilder is the people’s champion, the greatest heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. You gotta cheat Deontay Wilder to beat Deontay Wilder.

  12. These two old drug addict, proven drug cheats should fight the ancient Luis king Kong Ortiz finally.

  13. Both Dillian Whyte and fury use the doctors post fight signed exemption form that grandfather’s in the use of steroids with the excuse of erectile disfunction and using steroids for chronic erectile disfunction treatment.
    Dillian Whyte and fury are very excellent and experienced drug cheats. These cowards ruined their bodies with the abuse of drugs, the drug abuse has aged them both beyond their years and all proven drug addicts should retire from the sport, thank God for the British boxing board of control for banishing fury from boxing anywhere in the UK forever for cheating tactics again and again and again and again and again.

  14. Both Dillian Whyte and fury and Anthony Joshua for that matter should be awarded the Nobel title of champion duckers, avoiding fighting Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder for a decade and only fighting Deontay Wilder after a two years campaign to force fury to honor his contract, the idea of fighting without padding, in all fairness was not the contribution sugar Hill Stewart incorporated into fury’s cheating arsenal, fury has been repositioning horsehair manipulated gloves for a long time. Sugar Hill Stewart incorporated the eggweight loaded gloves that flop around all over the place.

    • Yeah, that’s why he shut off one camera, to punch the wall in what he thought was privacy. Punching the wall is how horse hair repositioning advantage is done.
      Las Vegas Nevada has more camera’s than anyplace in the world, he was filmed anyway. He had to pay the piper by greasing some palms.

  15. As a white male, I am happy to see our superiority in the heavyweight division and it doesn’t matter to me that fury had to cheat Deontay Wilder to beat Deontay Wilder. We did so in an openly overt obvious fashion exactly like we did with Klitschko, by spiking water, steroids, using enhancement drugs cocaine, crank and PCP. Thank God the united States Of America accepted us with open arms embracing and enabling and encouraging fury to do the same thing again that led to the British boxing board of control to suspend indefinitely fury’s boxing license in the UK.

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