Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua Sign Two-Fight Deal!

It’s finally official! Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have put pen to paper and the two rival British heavyweights who between them hold all the major world heavyweight titles will fight two massive fights. The news was broken by ESPN.com and promoter Eddie Hearn says that an announcement regarding the venue of the fight will hopefully be confirmed “in the next month.” For weeks now, or even longer, we fans have been waiting and waiting for this historic fight – the first-ever heavyweight unification fight between two British heavyweights – to be confirmed. Now the fight, or fights, are done. Over the line, signed, sealed, and delivered.

There has been, and continues to be, much talk that at least one of the two fight will take place in Saudi Arabia, yet as Hearn said nothing is official yet. Hearn is naturally delighted the two big men have put pen to paper.

“The hard part is always getting everybody to put pen to paper but this was a major effort from all parties to get this over the line,” Hearn said moments ago. “You had rival promoters, rival networks and rival fighters. I actually feel we’ve done the hard part. I know how hard we’ve worked these last couple of months and I just feel that this fight is so big it’s not a difficult sell.”

Joshua and Fury will each get 50 percent of the fight purse. This one, though, is bigger than money. Fury, who has for so long proclaimed himself as the greatest fighter ever, needs to win this one to remove any doubt he is the best heavyweight of his generation. Joshua has the lofty task of proving Fury wrong. There is no official word yet on the date of the fight, yet some perhaps optimistic reports suggest the fight could happen in June. That’s not too far away, however, and plenty of people feel the fight will not actually happen until August or September.

Fury, who enjoys playing games, mind games especially, was just days ago telling us all how he was drinking “up to 12 pints a day,” that he had stopped training, that the Joshua fight was basically nowhere near close to being made. Fury was obviously enjoying himself at our expense. The hard training will now begin in earnest and both heavyweights know there can be no corners cut in the gym in the lead-up to this mega-fight.

The biggest fight of the year is now official and there is cause for celebration. But will the biggest fight of the year be the best, most action-packed fight of the year? That’s something else entirely. There is no doubt, though, that many millions of fight fans will pay to see this one. Let’s see how heavy that PPV price-tag will be.

8 thoughts on “Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua Sign Two-Fight Deal!”

  1. Lucas Brown , the australian heavyweight boxer is a pandering , opportunistic sycophant , and an apple polishing boot licker .
    You and your army of mindless , blond as a bat sheep follow the crowd without using your own minds eye .
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question .
    Deontay Wilder , don’t accept the step aside money , sue for the rematch .

  2. Mr. Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC suggested an elimination bout between Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte .
    He also said Deontay Wilder and fury 3 was set in stone .
    Whasumada ?
    What we have here is a failure to communicate .
    Why should Deontay Wilder submit to a ridiculous step aside offer ? Clearly an insulting low ball opening offer when he should sue for the belt and removal of the loss and fury should be fined and stripped of the WBC belt and imprisoned wreck less endangerment as an public safety hazard or even assult and attempted murder .
    That fury is a punk , mentally ill , drug addict and shouldn’t be allowed to fight anywhere .
    The UK long since have suspended indefinitely his boxing license because of the habitual shenanigans and antic’s .

  3. George Foreman wasn’t born yesterday , he knows Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question and he knows alot of things he isn’t saying in public .
    Deontay Wilder wants to rematch , if he accepts the step aside offer the media narrative would be labeling and putting a cowards name on Deontay Wilder when in fact it is the clumsy nation ogre Shrek lookalike that is horrified horrifically and terrified of the consequences and repercussions of cheating tactics .

  4. George Foreman said he just can’t see a. j beating fury because a. j . / fury won’t happen when Deontay Wilder turns down the step aside chump change insulting offer and gets an injunction preventing this festering sideshow of an oddity fight forcing the trilogy .
    Tyson will not fight Deontay Wilder out of fear , claiming one excuse after another and A. J . Will run away and make excuses just like before .

  5. That’s how you can assertane guit , the guilty defendant is quite as a church mouse , because they are afraid the judges would turn on the defendant and whisper these words , ” not so fast .” ” Honor your original contract .”
    The entire sports world would be traumatized .
    Crowing from the rooftops , ” Deontay Wilder shook up the world , he shook up the world . “

  6. Daniel Penas , ” boricua zionist nation utube channel .”
    Ask Dan to direct you to the video evidence of an egg weight in furys left glove and no padding in his right glove and then , be quiet .

  7. Flippity floppity gloves flipping and flopping around all over the place , flipin and flopin , flopping and flipping , flippity flop flip flop .

  8. Deontay Wilder ,
    The step aside contractual treatee will be broke just like the contract for the trilogy . Don’t sign anything no matter how much they show their teeth .
    Every top news interviewer is working for your open enemy . They speak with fork tounges and then put a cowards name on you .
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question .
    Ten million lotion is a fortune to them , it is a fortune to me , but not to Deontay Wilder . Your legal team should counter sue for damages . Punative damages .
    Even a 🐍 snake of a judge can’t argue against all of the photographic evidence of glove tampering with the eggweight in the left glove ( openly visible ) , and no padding in his right glove and fingers visibly imprinted on the leather gloves , it’s against the queensbury rules of boxing to shift the horse hair around .
    Have your crack legal team sue , get your well deserved belt back and then a . j . Will be forced once again to run just like fury .

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