Tom Loeffler says GGG would fight Canelo again this December “if they wanted”

As fight fans know, it took quite a stretch of time, and much negotiating, before Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez finally met in their big fight – and most people will tell you it was Canelo, or more accurately Golden Boy, who was to blame for the fight taking so long to get signed, sealed and delivered.

The question fans have now is, will it take such a long time to get the must-see rematch sorted out? No-one was happy with the drawn verdict that was handed in after 12 engrossing rounds of action on September 16, with both warriors claiming they deserved a win. With such sheer public demand for a rematch, one that would in all likelihood be an even bigger fight than the first encounter, it seems both fighters must not look anywhere else for their next fight.

How would fans react if GGG and Canelo fought separate fights, against TBA, instead of getting it on in an immediate return the entire world wants, no, is demanding to see?

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As far as Golovkin is concerned, it seems he really wants the fight, and next – his promoter Tom Loeffler recently telling The Daily Mail GGG “would go again as early as December if they wanted.” Canelo, who boxed brilliantly against GGG even if he didn’t do quite enough work in the opinion of many fans and experts, should want the rematch next too, right?

Loeffler says the proud Mexican fighting tradition will see to it that Alvarez simply has to take the rematch.

“Canelo was under pressure from his own people to take the first fight and given the macho nature of his country he will be again,” Loeffler said. “The culture is that Mexicans don’t run. Triple-G knows he really won the first fight and he would go again as early as December. Canelo says he won the fight. If he truly believes that then he should have no qualms about the rematch.”

Perhaps there is zero cause for concern and Canelo DOES want the rematch as much, and as soon as Golovkin wants it. If this is the case then we can all rest easy and look forward to what promises to be a great sequel; whether it’s in December (almost no chance) or in May (much more likely.)

Bottom line: this fight HAS to happen and as soon as possible. We cannot accept anything else; even if there are other interesting fights out there for both middleweights.