Tim Tszyu, Upon Hearing Ellerbe And Porter Are Picking Thurman To Beat Him, Wants To “See Their Betting Slips”

By James Slater - 02/20/2024 - Comments

As fight fans know, unbeaten Australian star (and possible future global star) Tim Tszyu, 24-0(19) faces former welterweight champ Keith Thurman, 30-1(22) on March 30 in Las Vegas. The fight, to go down at The T-Mobile (Tszyu saying the arena will be renamed “Tszyu-Mobile” after he fights there) will be fought at a catch weight of 155 pounds.

And some boxing experts, such as Leonard Ellerbe and former champ Shawn Porter, are picking Thurman to get the win. The 8/1 odds in favour of Tszyu “shocked” Ellerbe and he says he will be placing a bet on a Thurman win. Porter, who may or may not gamble, is also picking Thurman to get the win.

29 year old Tszyu, speaking with Fox Sports Australia, says he wants to see these two “put their money where their mouth is.” Tszyu said he would like to see the betting slips of those folks who are betting against him. Tszyu says he actually likes the fact that some people are doubting him going into the Thurman fight.

“Beautiful. Just be sure to put your money where your mouth is,” Tszyu said in reference to those people picking against him. “Absolutely (I want to see their betting slips). But I also think it’s great to have all sorts of opinions on this fight. When people have questions, that’s how you build a fight. I remember even when Floyd [Mayweather] was fighting Manny Pacquiao after however many straight wins, there were still questions. And it’s because no matter what you achieve, the critics will always be there. So Leonard Ellerbe, Shawn Porter, others backing Thurman……I like it.”

The March 30 fight is an interesting one, with plenty of fans wondering how much 35 year old Thurman has left, how those long layoffs will affect him. Tszyu says he will become the first man to stop Thurman, and perhaps this will be the case. But Ellerbe isn’t yet convinced Tszyu is all that.

“Keith Thurman is a live dog in this fight. I’m picking him to win,” Ellerbe said. “Tszyu is a good fighter, but he ain’t nothing like that. The guy is not unbeatable. He’s not unhittable. I’ve seen him on the canvas. [Terrell] Gausha dropped him.”

Tsyzu was indeed floored in the opening round of his fight with Gausha back in March of 2022, this fight marking Tszyu’s US debut. A bad omen for “The Soul Taker,” perhaps? Tszyu recovered and he won a wide decision. Still, Ellerbe has seen some things, as has Porter, and the upset will happen according to both. Only they probably won’t consider it an upset if Thurman does beat Tyszyu.

Can “One Time” revive his career in a big way at the expense of Tszyu?

Who are YOU picking?

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