The Other Great, Big And Memorable Fights To Have Taken Place On February 11

02/11/2020 - By James Slater - Comments

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The date of February 11, 1990 will forever be firm in any fight fan’s mind. It is arguable, in fact, how February 11 is “Buster Douglas Day.” It was, as you know so well, 30 years ago today when massive underdog Douglas smashed an “invincible” Mike Tyson in Tokyo, Japan to take the undisputed world heavyweight title.

A great fight, a great and momentous upset and a truly historic day in boxing history to be remembered, for sure. But enough has been written about that shocking day inside the Tokyo Dome.

Here is a list of the other big, notable and great fights/events to have taken place on February 11:

Heavyweight great Max Baer, some say one of the hardest punching big men in history, was born, in 1909.

The immortal Sam Langford fought Harry Wills (the man legend says the great Jack Dempsey ducked) and scored a KO in the 19th – yes, the 19th – round! This fight took place in New Orleans and saw Langford win the “Colored” heavyweight title.

Willie Pep avenged his loss to arch-rival Sandy Saddler, boxing what has been called an absolute 15-round masterpiece to regain the world featherweight crown. This was the second of four fights Pep and Saddler engaged in in their fiercer than fierce rivalry.

Kid Gavilan, for some the finest fighter that ever lived, scored a 10th round KO over Chuck Davey to retain the world welterweight championship.

Marvellous Marvin Hagler, for many the greatest middleweight who ever lived, scored a painful stoppage over a too-cocky Tony Sibson. This was Hagler’s sixth title defence.

Future Hagler foe Thomas Hearns, the man who gave Marvin his toughest physical fight and who arguably hurt him as did no other man, had to make do with a 12 round decision win over the tricky Luigi Minchillo as he defended his super-welterweight belt.

Rene Jacquot of France upset the once-great Don Curry via 12 round decision.

Oh, yeah, and Columbus, Ohio’s James Douglas knocked out a guy named Michael Gerard Tyson in Japan.

Some memorable date in boxing history, February 11.