The Excuses Start From Amir Khan

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We all witnessed it on Friday night. Britain’s Amir Khan receiving every bit of scorecard and referee assistance possible in a ludicrously scored contest (2 cards of 117-111 were extreme) against game American Chris Algieri, who not being a noted puncher – was a man he was supposed to blow away.

That’s not to say it wasn’t an exciting fight. It was – and as is often the case with Khan – you are watching from the edge of your seat waiting for him to get knocked out due to his defensive frailties and his willingness to veer from a game plan and trade.

It would appear now that any chance of winning the Mayweather sweepstake in September will surely have vanished and the excuses from the Bolton man for the version of him who came through the ropes Friday night have started.

If that version of Amir Khan turned up against Mayweather, then I’d predict Floyd’s first stoppage since Ricky Hatton. (Unless of course you want to count Victor Ortiz.) And again, following Friday’s fight it’s looking ever the clearer exactly why Khan doesn’t want to face Sheffield’s Kell Brook who could similarly damage him.

The Daily Star has a few choice quotes from Amir, who at least realises his reputation will have been further dented by his performance against Algieri – and it appears obvious to me Khan needs to now have a long hard look at himself and the men at 147 who surround him.

He could potentially be in a heap of trouble against Thurman, Brook and even a Tim Bradley type – another not known for his dig – if he boxes like he did Friday.

He said;

“There was something there that wasn’t right, I will tell you honestly. I did feel flat. There were a few things I did differently to previous camps.”

“I don’t know if I got caught between two different styles and training wise we also changed things.”

“Looking back I suppose I made the weight too early. A lot of people were saying my physique was not as it has been before. I did not feel the same explosiveness, speed or power. I’ve not spoken to Virgil about it yet but I will do.”

“Imagine if I’d have trained that way for say, someone like Floyd??”

Amen to that Amir. You’d have been in big trouble pal…

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