That Mike Tyson Video Clip Sure Sent People Crazy…

… Holyfield, Shannon Briggs, John Fury And More Want A Piece Of The Action

The floodgates well and truly opened up soon after Mike Tyson posted that now pretty infamous video clip of him working the pads, back in shape and looking (for a few seconds) as fast as ever at age 53. The former heavyweight champ said a while back how is interested in boxing “some exhibitions for charity,” and now everyone from Danny Williams, Evander Holyfield and Shannon Briggs, to John Fury (father of Tyson Fury), Shane Cameron and Sonny Bill Williams are expressing their interest in getting in the ring with Tyson.

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Fans felt it was wild stuff when a promoter offered Tyson a cool $1 million to fight an exhibition in Australia, but now things have turned way crazier. Firstly, Jeff Fenech, Tyson’s trainer at the end (an inglorious end in case anyone’s forgotten; Tyson being stopped by Kevin McBride 15 years ago), has told Wide World of Sports that he would “let Tyson fight Deontay Wilder.”

“I know he’s not going to fight for the world title again. But listen, while I would never let one of my friends get hurt, I would let him fight Deontay Wilder,” Fenech said of Tyson. “Give me three months training with him. I’d have no problem at all with Mike fighting.”

Heavens above!

Now, today, Fury Snr has called out Tyson, basically stating how he would be willing to “die” in the ring.

“Forget you, bum (bodybuilder Mick Theo, who Fury, aged 55, is set to fight at a later date), I’m looking at Mike Tyson,” Fury said in a video on social media. “Mike’s making a comeback; I don’t value my life at 50p but let me tell you something, Mike Tyson is worth doing charity with. He’s a proper king of a champion, a proper man tried and tested, not some doorman who I used to practice on as a 14 year old boy. I’ll fight Mike Tyson, he’s making a comeback. I know he mentions my boy’s name every five minutes, but here I am, John Fury is hiding from no man, not even the king of the old men Mike Tyson. I will fight Mike Tyson; I will not be denied, I will die in a fight.”

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Heaven help us!

Added to the general craziness is Holyfield suggesting he would come back to fight Tyson again “if the money is right.” Danny Williams’ people have extended interest in Williams meeting Tyson in a part-two. While king of the crazies Shannon Briggs spoke on social media saying he is trying to get Tyson interested in taking part in a tag-team bout, with he and Tyson taking on the two Klitschko brothers!

This lock down, coronavirus battle sure has had the most amazing effect on some people. That and a short video clip uploaded by a former heavyweight champion many people are still obsessed with.