Terence Crawford Vs. Chris Eubank Jr This Summer?

By James Slater - 03/08/2024 - Comments

The big news that is being made up of fights basically coming right out of nowhere continues. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s official announcement of the July 20th fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, and hot on the heels of the strong indications in Saudi that Manny Pacquiao could face Conor Benn later this year, comes word that Terence Crawford could face none other than Chris Eubank Junior in the summer!

Now, it’s safe to say NOBODY saw this one coming. And to be clear, the fight – one that would see pound-for-pound king Crawford move up to middleweight – is not at all officially done yet, and it may never be. However, according to IFL TV, the two have been in talks. Also, Eubank Jr has placed on social media a mock fight poster hyping the fight, the poster featuring his image alongside that of Crawford’s image, the words Crawford VS. Eubank Jr written at the bottom.

Again, nothing is done yet, but the mere suggestion of this fight has generated plenty of buzz. Could “Bud” really make the move up to 160 pounds, this two divisions higher than his current weight class of 147 pounds? Would Eubank Jr, 33-3(24) be able to match Crawford, 40-0(31) in the skill department if this fight did happen?

Interestingly, both men are trained by the same guy, this of course being Brian “BoMac” McIntyre. Maybe the three men have got together in the gym and discussed the fight? Who knows? But if this one did happen, where would it happen? The UK would make sense, as Eubank Jr is a big draw here, his surname having made him so. And we UK fight fans sure would welcome Crawford to these shores, the unbeaten future Hall of Famer sure to get the superstar treatment.

Let’s see if there is anything of substance to this story. Again, this fight, or talk of this fight, has come clean out of nowhere, but for sure we would watch the fight. And just imagine if Eubank Jr, the naturally bigger man, pulled off the win!