Terence Crawford Says His Goal Is Not To Retire Undefeated, But To “Fight The Best Fights Out There”

08/07/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

A guest on The Bart&Hahn Show, WBO welterweight champ and pound-for-pound star Terence Crawford spoke about his goals, what he wants to accomplish before he’s done and what will cement his legacy.

Currently unbeaten at 37-0(28), Crawford, who says he is waiting on the finalization of his fight with Shawn Porter (which could still go to purse bids, we must wait and see), said retiring unbeaten is not his main goal – fighting the best possible fights that are out there is.

Crawford said that while it would be great to never lose a single fight, this is not his goal.

“I never look at my career like I want to finish undefeated. I’m sure every fighter would like to retire undefeated and never lose, but you know, losing comes with the sport – but I never think about losing,” Crawford said.

“I never think, ‘Oh, I’m gonna lose this fight,’ or whatnot. It would be great to finish undefeated, but is that my goal? No, my goal is to fight the best fights that are out there to fight and to cement my legacy on being one of the greatest fighters to ever put on a pair of gloves. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

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If Crawford beats Porter (no sure thing at all) and then fights a few more fights and then retires, will he have achieved his goal? Not likely. Crawford needs the massive fights, the defining fights. Errol Spence (assuming he beats Manny Pacquiao later this month, also no sure thing) is the obvious rival Crawford needs to beat for his legacy, while wins over the likes of Josh Taylor (a fight Bob Arum wants to make) and maybe one or two other guys is what Crawford should be aiming for, right?

Crawford was asked about the Spence fight and if there is any genuine bad blood between he and “The Truth?”

“No, there’s never no bad blood,” Crawford said. “Like I’ve always stated, I support Errol Spence. I’ve been watching him ever since he was in the Olympics and was an amateur. I don’t have any bad blood, it’s just I don’t like a lot of things he does and says, but I know in my heart that I can beat him.”

It’s been said so many times that this fight simply has to happen. But Crawford, and Spence, seem chilled enough, with both having a ‘whether it does or it doesn’t come off, I’m cool’ mindset. This isn’t the attitude we fight fans want to see from either fighter. Don’t Crawford and Spence want to prove to the world who is the superior fighter as much as we want to see them fight? This is how it should be, but for whatever reason or reasons, it’s not what we’re getting.

Terence Crawford Says His Goal Is Not To Retire Undefeated, But To “Fight The Best Fights Out There”

Can Crawford, who will turn 34 next month, go down as the best fighter of his era without a win over Spence? What will go down as Crawford’s defining fight if he doesn’t defeat Spence? It could be that the Porter fight gets such recognition. Has there ever been as talented, as gifted, as brilliant a boxer as Terence Crawford with such a comparatively thin resume?

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  1. Mark my word Shawn Porter will beat Terrance Crawford and then it will be a rematch between Porter and Spence to unify every belt in the waterway division. Spence knocks everybody out right but he only knocked Porter down for the first time in his career out of 34 fights

  2. All of you talking about Bud hasn’t whipped anyone on top level. It proves you know nothing about boxing period. Anyone who put on gloves and a professional is dangerous.. Spencer proved he doesn’t want no SMOKE. 80-20 , 70-30 Split. Come on if you that confident 50-50 and put up or shut up. BUD WINS HANDS DOWN.

    • You can’t ask for a 50 50 split after fighting pies or avoiding the best in the division.😆 boxing is not like mma where upsets are more likely. Even as a casual fan it’s not naive to believe that many fighters and promoters will fight has beens to boost their records and protect their investment. I mean guys out here fighting exhibition against youtubers.😆

  3. If Bud fight Porter it ends by k.o and it’ll be his 10th straight. Bud has K.O EVERYONE he has fought so far at 147 ( even if you call them washed). Bud has the reach, speed and boxing skills to make Errol look different in the ring. Bud just use his ability when they fight it’s a easy night. He try and bang/ trade I give Errol the advantage. Both good fighters Bud just more gifted imo 🥊

    • Realistic a fighter of Porter’s caliber who has fought all the biggest names in division and kept it close, will give Crawford problems.
      And Crawford’s only defense was that he did beat a passed his prime Kell Brook that beat Porter years ago. And we saw Spence break Brooks eye socket and he hasn’t been the same fighter since.

  4. Crawford good but his chin is suspect he been rocked a few times but always do his thing .. Never been hit by anyone with power like Spence I think he beats porter maybe my knockout but spence good counter puncher as well with power .. If they fight we shall see but I’m betting spence knock him out and I betting spence knock out pac man as well

    • Spence couldn’t knock out Mikey or Danny so he definitely want knock out Bud everyone gets rocked period if you fight enough

  5. Bud Crawford should have never resigned with Top Rank if he was serious about his legacy he dominated the lower weight classes Spence KO’S everybody Bud defeated and as far as P4P right now is all media driven Bud you say you want legacy fights you’re at 147 right now time to make those legacy fights TIME IS TICKING PACMY is stepping up to battle a young LION WOW and people please 🛑 with Mayweather talk legacy tarnished with current money grab but I’m not mad u just won’t get a penny from me I still remember u hand picked Berto as last going away party instead of Spence or Thurman do you Money fans remember that

  6. Ennis and Ugas need to fight for (WBA) title the winner of that fight open door for (WBO) champ. If not that way let Ennis fight the guy from Lithowainan fight and they can challenge either champ (WBO or WBA). The winner from Spence and Pac fight Bud

  7. I’ve been paying attention to Spence and Crawford the past few years. Spence has been running from Crawford. He could fight Bud if he wants to. But he’s picking his fights for that bread, but picking around Bud Crawford. Crawford should get from under his promoter, and start fighting whoever wants to fight. I think a lot of those guys were ducking him somewhat.

    • Yeah like when he says he wants 70/30 on the purse then next thing you see him go 80/20 or fight aint happening…if he wants to prove it to us, just take 55/45 or even 50/50 (which is still millions) then if he beats Bud, he will be on Canelos tier level…

  8. Bud, you may need to leave Arum. It seems you can’t get fights. You’re in your prime and you’re not fighting top fighters. I’m hoping to see you in the ring soon

    • We fight fans/boxing need to see the Crawford-Spence fight materialize! Do not want to see this fight “five years” from now!!!! #WELTERWEIGHT DIV. BOSS

    • Spenceis waiting for Crawford to get 2 years older (36) when he is 33 Big difference. Bud is also smaller but better boxer. Its not just hard shots its C LEAN hard shots and several of them. Right now Bud by KO.


    • that’s why crawford makes no effort to fight spence if he was sure he would win he should do 50 / 50 straight up but what does he do he wants all the money like hes the only champion nobody is gona accept the split crawford trying to give spence

  10. It should’ve happened already! He still media barking…I mean when was the last fight he fought.

  11. I’m a former fighter. I know pac is spectacular but he pick a youngster that’s wit the business. The prestige of being a fighter sometimes blinds him when it comes to fighting. Father time steps in. The truth is just that! Hes no Keith buster ! Team spence will smash the og it’s that time!!!!!!

  12. Spence is the truth because that is what he speaks. The man always does what says he will do and he hates people who lie vigorously. Like Thurman. Bud is a good fighter. But he gets way too much praise for what he did in his lighter divisions. Like P4P? If people would call him out on what he has done of late (which is not all that) he might actually get off his ass and fight someone of note here in recent times. Spence came back from a car crash that probably should have taken his life. What does he do? Just fights one of the top welterweights out there DG. Ennis might be the best in the division and he has called out all of the top guys. Porter has already said he wants no part of him. Thurman claims to not even have heard of him. Spence went back at him on a face chat. Bud didn’t even mention his name. And after Porter called Bud out his reply is… you are testing my nerves. You are a fighter dude. Why ain’t your pet mouth piece Bernie the Boxer Mut talking that trash about Ennis after he told the world he would smoke you? Speaks volumes for me. But let facts get in the way of a good argument.

  13. The truth is Pacquiao is a different type of a boxer a high level kind of boxer which is not the same caliber of Spence and Crawford, I told you Spence would be devastated by the style of Pacquiao, the speed, the power, and the footwork,

  14. TC following pacman legacy footsteps. Fight the best fighter out there. I hope Spence vs. Bud happens cause that’s what fight fans wanna see.

    That is IF Spence win vs. Pacman.

    We can never count the OG out.

    • The two ducked the pacman. One didnt signed, one has an injury even before he fought Danny Garcia.

    • Manny …pending the Outcome of his bout with Spence..could possibly get the STUPENDOUS! Opportunity to redeem himself by beating Floyd Mayweather Jr ( Would be awesome if by Devastating K.O.💥👊…Sorry Floyd ..nothing personal..I Still Believe That you could be “TBE” Def. At Lightweight…and still TBE skill wise/Defensively.

    • Pacman and no he can’t beat either at his age. Lol he lost to mayweather and rumor is Crawford and Spence could beat money may. Pac has lots of defeats to guys mayweather owned easy.

    • Pac’s going to smash Spence even @ 42. The legend lives on to fight Crawford early 2022. All these Young fighters need to use the same blueprint that Manny’s paving the way with. Greatness is fighting the best out there regardless. Anybody who stands in the way of that is a threat ! That means Crawford will be next in line for an o’l fashion ass whooping after Spence gets his come the 21st.

  15. He’ll the Porter will be his best fight and far as Spence Crawford going to have to take less money

  16. Crawford has been sitting because of Arum and top rank. If they gave lead he’s be much better and would have a much better resume. Maybe if Errol Spence didn’t run so fast to avoid a fight vs Crawford such might’ve happened long ago and the best could be settled…

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