Teofimo Lopez Interview With Brian Custer

11/24/2020 - By Last Stand Podcast - Comments

The undisputed lightweight champ Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez takes over the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer. Lopez talks about beating Vasiliy Lomachenko, what the win proved and if he will give Lomanchenko a rematch. The champ also tells us when he’s moving up in weight class and when we can expect him back in the ring. It’s an interview boxing fans will be talking about.

Lopez on what his win over Lomachenko proved to his critics

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“What I proved to everyone is I am the best, we talk a lot, but we back it up. I showed everyone that night I am the truth, I am the takeover and we did a lot. I think we broke a barrier there, that was there for the longest for the new generation.”

Lopez says no need for a rematch with Lomachenko

“No need because we could do it a hundred times and Teofimo comes out victorious a hundred times. He (Lomachenko) needs to just go back to where he’s more comfortable and where he’s more fit at and I think 130 would be his best suit for the rest of his career.”

Lopez on when he’s moving up in weight to 140

“Six months to a year I see myself, and if not that’s why I’m still trying to stay as active as possible. I am a big 135 pounder, however, I been at this weight for 7 years. There is a high possibility I will be moving up to 140 soon.”

Lopez on his return to the ring

“What we’ve been talking about is maybe March/April that’s what it looks like. Madison Square Garden is the number one priority right there, that’s the number one place where we want to do it and make it happen. Come back and have all the fans, but that’s the problem. We’re trying to shoot for is the fans, but we have to talk with the governor.”

These are just a few highlights of the in-depth interview with Teofimo Lopez. Below you will find the entire interview with Lopez, which is Now Available on YouTube (Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer) and all major podcast platforms (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify etc.).