Tank Davis Open to Ryan Garcia Rematch, But Not at 143

By Tim Compton - 05/05/2024 - Comments

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis says he’s open to the idea of a rematch against Ryan Garcia at 140, but not at 143.

Weight Class Considerations

Tank (29-0, 27 KOs) points out that his weight class is 135, whereas Ryan’s is 140. Given that Garcia has grown out of the light welterweight division, that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) has already said in the past that he can’t make 140 any longer, so a rematch with Tank Davis doesn’t seem possible unless it’s at a catchweight.

Power Dynamics

With Ryan being the A-side in a fight with the Baltimore native, I don’t think he’s going to be willing to be dictated to about the weights like the last time he fought him in April 2023. If Tank, 29, wants the fight with Ryan, he might have to agree to a 143, or else he’ll be out of luck.

Things have changed dramatically since Tank fought Ryan a year ago. Even then, Ryan was the bigger star and the sole reason for the PPV success of their fight. Before then, Tank had been a low-level PPV fighter with marginal numbers.

Gervonta Davis’ Past PPV Numbers:

  • Tank vs. Ryan Garcia: 1.2 million buys on DAZN/Showtime
  • Tank vs. Hector Garcia: 220K on Showtime
  • Tank vs. Rolly Romero: 275K on Showtime
  • Tank vs. Mario Barios: 210K on Showtime
  • Tank vs. Leo Santa Cruz: 225K on Showtime

As you can see, Gervonta was never involved in a hugely successful PPV event until he fought Ryan Garcia, and one can attribute the success to Kingry’s 11 million Instagram followers.

So in a rematch, Tank Davis isn’t in the position to call the shots with Ryan, telling him what weight class the fight will be contested at and possibly sticking a strength-draining rehydration clause for good measure just to ensure victory.

“Yeah, but not at 143. Why at 143? Probably 140 because that’s a weight class other than 135. That’s a weight class that he [used to] fight at [but can no longer make weight for],” Gervonta Davis told ESNEWS when asked about a rematch with Ryan Garcia.

“So, let’s do 140 and he can hike back up to 150. I’m 135,” said Tank.

Gervonta is going to have to hop onboard the weight train or he’s going to be left behind for a rematch against the superstar Ryan Garcia just like Devin Haney is being left behind.

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