Statement from Jermell Charlo on his draw with Brian Castano, wants rematch

By Will Arons - 07/21/2021 - Comments

IBF/WBA/WBC 154-lb champion Jermell Charlo made a statement on social media on Tuesday letting fans and WBO champ Brian Castano know that he wants to run it back for a rematch following their 12 round draw last Saturday,

Jermell fought Castano to a questionable 12 round split draw last Saturday night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The fans have already spoken on the fight results, saying in overwhelming numbers that Castano deserved to win by 8 rounds to 4 [116-112] score.

They were shocked and appalled by the 117-111 score handed down by a judge that felt Jermell had won the fight. The score was so bad it tarnished Jermell, making some fans believe he was given preferential treatment in his home state of Texas by the judges.

Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KOs) says he doesn’t want to win by a controversial decision. He wants to leave no doubts in the minds of boxing fans when he fights Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) again.

Jermell brought up Tony Harrison as an example of how he didn’t get the results he wanted in the first fight but then came back to stop him in the eleventh round in their rematch in December 2019.

Harrison beat Jermell in their first fight in 2018, winning a 12 round decision. Like last Saturday, Charlo didn’t agree that he lost to Harrison. He felt he won.

The fans disagreed with Jermell, letting him know that Harrison had outboxed him. Last Saturday, we saw the same thing. Castano beating Charlo, and afterward, Jermell not admitting that he deserved to lose.

Jermell implying he could have won

“Brian Castano is one hell of a better fighter than anyone gave him credit for, and he came to fight for his life Saturday,” said Jermell in his Instagram statement.

Statement from Jermell Charlo on his draw with Brian Castano, wants rematch

If fights are scored as a whole, I landed the harder and better shots, but boxing isn’t scored that way. Boxing is scored round by round,” said Jermell trying to spin a different narrative.

Perhaps in a parallel universe, Jermell would have won the fight last Saturday night, performing the way he did.

In a different reality, Jermell would have gotten the decision, and he would have been carried out of the ring by his adoring fans.

Unfortunately, Jermell didn’t win the fight, and it doesn’t matter what he says to try to whitewash the outcome to spin it and claim some kind of victory in a different reality than the one they fought in.

Jermell is out on the margins, believing that he could have won if only. It’s kind of pathetic that Jermell can’t admit that Castano got the better of him, but oh well. It doesn’t make Jermell look good that he can’t own his loss and admit that he wasn’t good enough.

Charlo: The judges said we didn’t do enough

“I’ve always said to take a belt from a champion, you need to take that belt, and the judges felt neither of us did enough to take those other belts, and they ruled a draw,” said Charlo.

Statement from Jermell Charlo on his draw with Brian Castano, wants rematch
Two of the judges said that Charlo and Castano didn’t do enough, but public opinion has overruled the two, and they see it as a win for Castano. The referee blew a call in round three that saved Jermell from losing, even with the dreadful scores handed in.

When Charlo was hurt by Castano, falling back against the ropes, badly stunned, it should have been an easy call to make for the referee to rule it a knockdown.

Rather than do that, the referee stood and watched without making the call. There are no words to express how costly that non-call was. Had the referee made the call, Castano would have won the fight.

There’s not been much focus on how the referee played a part in the fight being ruled a draw, but he definitely did with his non-call.

Jermell vows to leave “no doubt” in the rematch

“I don’t want to become undisputed by a narrow controversial decision,” said Charlo. “I want to make a statement.

“I didn’t do my part to get the KO, and as always, I will continue to learn and improve.

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“When we run it back, just like I adjusted in [Tony] Harrison II, there will be no doubt about the result. #LionsOnly4L,” said Charlo.

It sounds like Jermell will be swinging for the fences in the rematch. We’ll see if he’s able to do better next time around against Castano.

I have my doubts. Jermell doesn’t throw enough punches, and he does not like to get hit, and he’ll have to if he wants to go the knockout.

If you’re Team Castano, you need to resist the idea of the rematch taking place in Texas. It would be a mistake for Castano to return to the state for a second fight with Charlo.

Unless Castano is confident that he can knock Jermell out this time, he should insist that the fight occurs outside Texas.

15 thoughts on “Statement from Jermell Charlo on his draw with Brian Castano, wants rematch”

  1. Charlo did not box at all. He did land a few good power shots that hurt castono but thats about it. He stoos the ropes way too much taking punch after punch. He really needed to let his hands go and get busy bit faikes to do so. May i add that sometimes money fame and flashy goes to our head. Stay hung like you was in the beginning

  2. A rematch is the answer to all the hoopla. Just not in Texas.
    Got my easy chair in the right position.
    Pop corn at the ready.

  3. Charlo should box, and bang when needed. He trys to take the fighters heads off with every punch. He lost on points in my opinion. But Castano was very hurt in the 10th, but recovered quick! If a rematch happens next, ill give Jermell credit, nowadays fighters pick an choose. Is Castano with PBC?

  4. Oh well rematch will tell a different story and out come let’s go Castano

  5. Castano better boxer technique can be shorter than Jamel shorter reach so to me and castano won the fight I can’t wait to see the rematch I will be at the edge of my seat on a 65 year old woman who loves boxing I’m glad Jamel is going to give him the rematch he’s got no choice

  6. The fight was so close that whatever decision given couldn’t be assumed to be a robbery of either one and the draw is definitely not a robbery.
    I did wonder why it wasn’t ruled a knock down when Charlo went down, I couldn’t see everything but it looked like he was up against the lower rope, did either of his hands touch the canvas?

    • That’s what I was thinking. I kind of disagree with the article when the writer said that the ref should have stepped in and gave Charlo an 8-count. Unless his glove touched the canvas, you let them keep fighting. Boxers fall into the ropes all the time and the ref doesn’t just automatically give an 8-count.

    • If the ropes keeps you up from going down, then its a knock down and Charlo should have been given an 8 count.

  7. I have been a boxing fan for years. I always mute the sound and study technique. It was a close fight and I gave it to Castano. They need to get rid of the judge that scored it 117 to 111. Rematch would be great, not in Texas!
    Both are excellent fighters.

  8. Rematch! Castano won , but barely. Styles make fights and I think it will come down to a trilogy. Both Charlo bothers are good fighters but not great. If they get rid of their EGOS and let their fights speak for themselves then we could say they are great fighters!

  9. Both Charlos have lost and were saved by bad judges,they’re not that good. Both babies that can’t admit defeat.

    • Stop it … how can you and all of you so called boxing fans say castano won 8-4 rounds that’s absurd… he was getting hit in the earlier part of rounds in the center and tried to rally throwing punches where a lot actually missed and getting Waaayyyyyyy to much credit for doing better than much people thought and he was seriously hurt three times in the fight and especially in the championship rounds so how the hell do you win like that? Please put your bias aside and explain… Charlo didn’t lose and Castano didn’t do anything to win

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