So Which Fighter, Which Fight Are You Most Looking Forward To Seeing When The Lock Down Ends?

By James Slater - 04/21/2020 - Comments

It’s been a tough few weeks for fight fans; the drought brought about due to the lockdown conditions we are all currently living under seeing to it that we all must do without our fix of fistic violence. Yes, there are far more serious concerns regarding the coronavirus and the damage it has done and will sadly continue to do before this is all over.

But the complete lack of all sporting activity, boxing, and all the rest has been incredibly dull and tedious. And just imagine how it’s been for the athletes themselves. The boxing schedule WILL return one day; hopefully, this year, and who knows, when it does, we may get treated to some sensational weeks of non-stop big fight match-ups as the backlog of fights that were postponed get put back on.

Right now, we can only dream of sitting back, cold beer in hand, and tuning in to a big fight on the TV – let alone going to a live fight in person. But again, when things do resume, as they will, there could be some big changes, good ones. Bob Arum has already spoken of how the pay-per-view prices for fights will have to be lowered, that the quality of the fight content will have to improve, as fans will neither be able to afford to pay top dollar for fights having been put out of work for so long (or still working but having taken a pay cut due to these odd times), nor will even want to.

This means we should get nothing but good to great match-ups once the schedule resumes.

When it does, which fighter are you most looking forward to seeing get back in action? Which fight are you most looking forward to seeing?

Maybe you’ve missed seeing Canelo Alvarez do his thing, and maybe you are hoping to see the Mexican star get it on with arch-rival Gennady Golovkin later on this year.

Maybe you can’t wait to see heavyweight king Tyson Fury work his magic again, either against Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua – or maybe both.

Who will living legend Manny Pacquiao fight next, and how badly do you miss seeing the southpaw dynamo in action? How about the superb trio of master boxers that is Vasyl Lomachenko, Terence Crawford, and Errol Spence; how much are you craving their next fight or fights?

It has only been a few weeks since live boxing disappeared, but it sure feels like a whole lot longer. It must be tough for any fighter to stay focused, keep training, and not let things slip. How hard must it be, pushing yourself as hard as can be in preparation for a fight when you have no idea when, or if, it will come? And of course, there is the matter of where fighters can train – not all of them have the luxury of a private gym. Have any previous boxers ever had anything like this to contend with?

Above all, let’s hope all our fighting heroes stay safe and healthy during this, an unprecedented time for the whole planet earth.

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