So, Has Dereck Chisora Really “Put His House On Whyte Knocking Out Fury?”

By James Slater - 04/23/2022 - Comments

Dereck Chisora, a man who has shared a ring with both Tyson Fury (twice) and Dillian Whyte (twice) said this week how he is “willing to put my house on it that Dillian Whyte is gonna knock Tyson Fury out.”

Chisora said this when speaking with Talk Sport, and it was quite the bold prediction. But has Chisora really, actually, crazily gone through with it? Just hours ahead of the massive heavyweight fight, fans are still changing their minds on what will happen, on who will win, and how.

But will Dereck Chisora be left homeless tomorrow? Fury is a big favorite, yet Whyte, as we have heard, again and again, has that ‘puncher’s chance.’ He does indeed, with his left hook mostly. And we are also very interested to see if Whyte can bang to Fury’s body the way he says he will if he can have any success in that department. If Whyte did KO Fury, it’s been said the internet would “explode.” And for sure, it would be a shocking sight to see.

Fury has been down, we know that but he has always gotten back up, and Fury has never once appeared rubbery-legged, out of it, or walking on queer street after taking a huge punch. Fury has an amazing chin/set of recuperative powers. As such, Whyte will have to land the haymaker of an entire career on Fury if he’s to put him down and keep him down. And if he can do it, Chisora will be the happiest guy in town barring Dillian himself. And the most relieved.

“Tyson is my mate and I know he’s listening, but he’s gonna get knocked out,” Whyte said this week.

Aside from David Haye, who annoyed John Fury by picking against his son once again (Haye says he has picked against Fury four times – ahead of the Wladimir Klitschko fight, and ahead of all three Deontay Wilder fights, but that he has backed Fury to win all of his other fights aside from tonight’s) – no-one is predicting a Whyte win, a Whyte KO win.

Maybe Haye and Chisora will be the two men able to say, “I told you so,” in a few hours’ time. Maybe not. Probably not. Gambling is a mug’s game, or so they say. Betting your house on the outcome of a heavyweight fight between two big men who can both punch hard is crazy. Maybe Dereck Chisora is crazy! Or just brave enough to back his instincts.

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