Slugfest! And possible Upset of The Year: Olanrewaju Durodola stops Dmitry Kudryashov

11/04/2015 - By James Slater - Comments

On today’s big Russian bill in Kazan, little-known Olanrewaju Durodola of Nigeria scored a huge upset and made a name for himself by taking away Russian power puncher Dmitry Kudryashov’s unbeaten record with a stunning second-round stoppage win after 2-minutes and 29 seconds of the 2nd-round of a short but thrilling cruiserweight battle. Indeed, this little classic had plenty of bombs away!

The 35-year-old, a whopping 25-1 underdog according to some odds makers, took the action right to the feared banger from Volgodonsk, the older man by five years using his fast hands to good effect. Somewhat shocked by his opponent’s fast start, Kudryashov nevertheless appeared to keep his composure as punches bounced off him; some getting through to his head, others being caught on the gloves. Then, as fans expected, Kudryashov’s power presented itself, as the home fighter blasted Durodola with a hard left hook to the head. The Nigerian was hurt and for a second it looked like he might fall. Instead, Durodola, showing an amazing chin, fought back to the bell, taking some more lefts, to both head and body, as he did so. Already the fight had been memorable.

Coming out fast again in the 2nd, the big underdog again used his quick hands to good effect. Landing his right hand to the head repeatedly, Durodola soon had “The Russian Hammer” in visible trouble. Kudrayshov could not, or would not, hold, and he was soon eating punch after punch. Firing back with another left hand of his own, Kudryashov briefly wobbled Durodola again, but he was soon pinned on the ropes. Durodola would simply not be denied, his right hand almost sending Kudryashov down at least twice.

After a blistering attack from Durodola, Kudryashov, his head being knocked back, was clearly gone. Referee Jay Nady had no choice but to dive in and rescue Kudryashov. Swollen below the right eye and around the forehead, Kudryashov did not know what hit him. Expected by many to be a future world title challenges, Kudryashov will instead have to rebuild.

Durodola, known as “God’s Power,” can look forward to some big fights in the future. Perhaps, as exciting as today’s fight was, there could be a rematch. As an added bonus, Durodola picked up the vacant silver title with today’s upset of the year candidate of a win.

Durodola is now 22-2(20). Kudryashov is now 18-1(18).