Shakur Stevenson: “I dare Devin Haney to come back to 135 and try me!”

08/09/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

In an exclusive interview with TMZ Sports, Shakur Stevenson shared his thoughts on Terence Crawford’s performance, seeing him as one of the greatest fighters of our generation. Shakur also says a fight with Devin Haney will likely never happen.

“I think Bud Crawford did everything that he’s supposed to do. I think he showed a lot of the world that he is the truth. I definitely took my notes and learned a lot.”

Who could be a better mentor for Shakur as he becomes a superstar? The relationship between the two goes back years, with Shakur admitting:

“I’ve been learning from Terence since I was 18, 19 years old. To see him in his biggest moment and see how he performed was just amazing.”

The conversation turned to the specifics of Crawford’s fight. Did Shakur have any doubts about how it would unfold?

“Nah, I called it. I said that Bud was gonna stop him. What I didn’t think was that it was going to be as bad because it got real brutal in there.”

Could this unexpected outcome be a turning point in boxing, showcasing a change in the sport? Are the best fighters finally fighting each other?

With big fights on the horizon, Stevenson is excited about the turn boxing is taking.

“Finally, the biggest fights in the sport, the best fighters are fighting each other, and it feels like boxing has made a turn in that aspect,” he enthused.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the interview was Stevenson’s challenge to Devin Haney, who has indicated moving up a weight class.

“I dare him to come back to 135 and try me. I’m there. I pray that’s what he plans on doing so I can show the world that I’m the truth,” Stevenson asserted.

When asked about the chances of the fight happening, Stevenson was candid: “If I’m being honest, I say 20% chance.” His reasoning? “I just don’t see him being that bold. I don’t think he got that in him.”

The question of why Haney would not want a massive fight also surfaced, to which Stevenson responded, “I don’t know. I mean, I’m here, but I think for him to come back down and fight me is dangerous. It’s a dangerous thing to do so. I think that’s maybe the reason.”

Stevenson also weighed in on a potential fight between Canelo and Crawford. While confident that Crawford would win, he respects Crawford’s decision, stating, “I’m rocking with my big brother the same way he gonna rock with me.”

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