Ryan Garcia says he’s going to jump on Tank Davis if he starts off slow today

By Will Arons - 04/22/2023 - Comments

Ryan Garcia will be ready to take Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis out with his power shots if he starts off slowly like he normally does when they square off in their twelve-round fight on Saturday night, April 22.

Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) will see how Tank (28-0, 26 KOs) starts off, but if he elects to fight slowly at the beginning with his habit of downloading information, he could get caught in the middle of a download and taken out.

Kingry and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya see the hallmark signs of a worried Tank and his promotional team, who loaded up the contract with weight stipulations, hoping it can keep the former Mayweather Promotions fighter bringing in the money for a bit longer before he starts tasking defeat.

Thus far, Tank’s team has done an excellent job, keeping him winning by avoiding the risky fights and marketing him, with his former promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr’s help, as an elite-level fighter.

But with the way Tank has labored against fighters like Rolly Romero, Isaac Cruz, Leo Santa Cruz, Hector Garcia, and Yuriorkis Gamboa, he’s not the fighter that casual boxing fans think he is.

Tank Davis is a creation just like many fighters of the past, who sly matched by their promoters to make them seem better than they actually were.

“If he starts out slow and he gives me a shot, I’m going to take it. It’s as simple as that,” said Ryan to the media about Tank Davis. “I don’t really have no expectations. We all know when you get in the ring, you see the positioning. It may change. I’m going to go in there and be me, and we’ll see what happens.

“The truth hurts. That’s one thing that you can get somebody by telling them the truth. They decided to take a different route today, and I overcame it with truth, and that’s what I’m always going to do.

“Well, think about it. They didn’t put a rehydration clause on Mario Barrios, which Gervonta claimed, ‘You’re not even as big as Gervonta Davis.’ So what does that show you? Now, we’re speaking the truth.

“Then he said, ‘We got to do this at 136.’ He never claimed I only wanted to fight at 135. He never told me that. He was trying to drain me, obviously, and then at the last second; he put the rehydration clause on me.

“Then, now he’s paying sparring partners to spy on me? Think about this. Is that not showing you that he’s not as confident? Anybody can read between the lines. They can spin it however they want. They say it’s A-side tendencies. I say it’s arrogance and doesn’t have a strong character. That’s it.

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