Ryan Garcia Leaks Sparring Footage of Gervonta Davis Battering Devin Haney

By Jeepers Isaac - 03/01/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia has now leaked the video of Gervonta Davis hurting Devin Haney in a brutal sparring session at Floyd Mayweather’s gym…The sparring is from years ago, but it was clear that Tank was too powerful and too talented for Haney. The video footage casts doubts on Haney’s ability to handle power.

Tank’s One-Sided Domination

The video shows Gervonta dominating a younger Haney at Floyd Mayweather Jr’s gym, showing the difference in ability between the two fighters. In the video, you could see that Gervonta battered Haney to the point where Adrien Broner had to step in and save Devin at one point to keep from getting laid out.

Although Haney claims he was only 16 then, that doesn’t add up, given that the sparring was from 2017. Haney was 18 and Tank 22, and the difference in talent between them was huge.

Ryan’s Revenge

Ryan had his reasons for leaking the sparring video of Haney’s embarrassing whooping at the hands of Tank Davis. The way yesterday’s press conference played out, it’s not surprising that Ryan leaked the video. Ryan’s motives are clear.

Devin and Bill’s insults towards him and his family during the Los Angeles press conference yesterday were enough for him to want to release the video to even the score, revealing Haney at his most vulnerable moment.

Haney’s Response X and His Father’s Role

“Never did they post a chopped up edited video.. 16 years old & in there holding my own. We bet AB pops & he honored it & paid! Ryan we watched u quit we are not the same & never will be tune in April 20th I’ll show it!”

It didn’t look like Haney was “holding” his own. He was getting worked over by Tank Davis in that sparring, and you can argue the only thing that saved him was that Gervonta was wearing 18-oz gloves, and Dev had headgear on.

Devin’s dad, Bill Haney was there, and one could hear him saying, “Get out of there,” trying to urge Dev to leave the ring due to the battering he was taking from Gervonta. It was like a wartime massacre; Haney never stood a chance. He was literally no match for Tank Davis at the time, and likely would still over his head if they thought today.

In looking at this video, it all adds up now for why Bill Haney wants Devin to fight Tank Davis so bad now. He’s still bitter about what Tank did to Devin, and he wants his get back. It would be no different today, Haney doesn’t posses the power to keep Gervonta off of him, and he would get obliterated quick, especially with 8-oz gloves and no headgear.

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