Ryan Garcia: “I’ll Knock Out ‘Pitbull’ Cruz in Under Five Rounds”

By Tim Compton - 04/03/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia believes he’d easily beat new WBA light welterweight champion Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, stopping him in five rounds.

Fans on social media believe Cruz would destroy Ryan with pressure and work him over to force him to quit, as he did in his loss to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis when the going got tough.

Kingry wasn’t impressed with Pitbull’s eighth-round knockout victory of Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero last weekend, viewing the win as more of a product of Rolly not knowing how to deal with a pressure fighter.

Ryan didn’t do a great job of handling Tank’s pressure in their fight last year. He also struggled in his clash against Oscar Duarte before knocking him out in the eighth.

It’s too bad Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) chose to fight WBC champion Devin Haney next because he’s not expected to win their fight on April 20th. if Ryan Garcia

Garcia Draws Parallels to Past Opponents

“It’s my favorite style of all time. I can’t count how many times I sparring somebody like that, fought somebody like that and been in the gym with somebody like that,” said Ryan Garcia on social media about his belief that he would do well against WBA light welweight champion Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz.

“He’s even smaller than [Oscar] Duarte. Duarte fought similar to him, but maybe bigger and slower and not as aggressive. Still, a very similar style. They can deny it all they want, but Duarte and Cruz have a very similar style.”

Duarte is nowhere near the level of Pitbull Cruz in terms of talent. He was a fringe contender at lightweight when Golden Boy picked him out to use as Ryan’s opponent at 140 last December. Duarte is not on the same level as Cruz, and he likely never will be.

“I would just be fighting a smaller version and perhaps and possibly a little bit better than Duarte. But I can handle that because I knocked out Duarte. I feel like I can knock out Pitbull without five rounds,” Ryan Garcia continued.

“The jab because he’s coming forward anyway. He’s going to have to eat something. Rolly made a mistake. He went back way too much in the fight. He doesn’t know how to stop momentum. He doesn’t know how to do anything. He’s a beginner still.

“It’s not even about technical. He doesn’t know what to do in certain situations. Rolly is still new to the game. He doesn’t know how to handle a pressure fighter,” said Ryan.

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