Rolly Romero discusses Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight

By Jeff Sorby - 11/23/2022 - Comments

Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero feels that Ryan Garcia doesn’t need any advice on beating Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis because it was one of his “easiest” fights.

According to Rolly, the only reason he  lost was because Gervonta (27-0, 25 KOs) closed his eyes and threw a big shot in the sixth round that knocked him out.

“Ryan don’t need no damn advice. I heard he gave him all the damn advice,” said Rolly Romero on social media when asked if he has advice for Ryan Garcia ahead of his April fight against Gervonta Davis.

“I already told him. That mother f***er [Tank Davis] was the easiest fight that I ever had in my life. The only thing that was is I simply couldn’t make weight no more.

“That’s all it was, and they knew it. If anyone questions why I asked for a fight at 140, but I said, I was mandatory at 135. He vacated his title at 140.

Rolly blames loss on dehydration

“The fight was at 135. The opportunity was at 135. I had to take that s**t [against Tank at 135]. Well, f**** em. I simply couldn’t make weight anymore.  That’s all it was.

“Let me explain something to you. Boxing is not a black & white sport. There are a lot of gray areas in boxing, and y’all don’t understand that s**t.

“Boxing isn’t just black and white. There’s a lot of politics. There are weight cuts. Some fighters go through stress and anxiety. They go through a lot of s**t outside of the ring. All that adds up.

“I’m lucky I don’t have any of that s**t, but I tried my hardest. I lost 16 lbs the night I fought Tank, and everybody knows I’m a big mother f***er at that weight.

“Everybody was wondering how I still make the weight. I just couldn’t lose no more. My entire body went into shock. My left arm went numb in the second half of the fight.

“From the fourth round on, my entire left arm was numb. I couldn’t set up my right hand. I couldn’t set up s**t no more. That’s all dehydration problems.

“Like I said, I won. I don’t give a f**k because I won. I won at life, and it’s the truth. I remember that Tank landed in the third or the fourth round, a body shot. That was his power? That mother f***er don’t got s**t.

“He caught me with a shot, and when you’re dehydrated, it just happens, bro. How much do I weigh right now? I look f***ken big right now.  I fought at 135. How in the f**k do I make 135?

“I wonder sometimes, how in the f**k do I make 135? All my fights at 135 have been weird for me too. I was supposed to move up a long time ago.

“I know what it is. I won, mother f***ker. That’s another thing. I had to wait for a whole f**ken year. Mother f***kers move up weight classes in years. I didn’t fight for a whole f***ken year over some damn bull s**t.

“I guarantee that if I fought him [Gervonta] in December, it would have been a whole. I would have been more fresh. I got done fighting Yigit.

“I knew it was going to happen. I just got finished fighting Yigit, so I made sure I kept my weight down. I was training and training and all this stuff. Boom, the fight was f***en canceled. I sat on my a** for f***ken two months doing nothing.

“Just to get small again after that s**t. Then like I said, there was no guarantee that they were going to give me that s**t again. Eventually, four or five months after it was canceled, they gave me the opportunity again.

“By that point, s**t happens. I still whooped that mother f***ers a**. I don’t give a f**k. Ain’t nobody questioning that. He says he closed his eyes and threw the punch. The mother f***er knows he threw a lucky shot. He knows he did,” said Rolly about his loss to Tank.

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