Robert Garcia: People Will See the Best Nonito Ever

By Vitali Shaposhnikov - 09/24/2013 - Comments

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When Nonito Donaire lost his fight against Guillermo Rigondeaux back in April, it was an unexpected outcome for most of the boxing fans. Not that everyone thought that Donaire would win, but none expected him to be dominated and toyed with the way Rigo was able to.

After that loss, Donaire’s ‘Flash’ was gone, and his stock plummeted in the eyes of the boxing fans and the media. Everyone gets a second chance, and thanks to Rigo, two people will have that chance come November: Nonito Donaire and Vic Darchinyan.

Ever since Darchinyan got knocked out by Donaire in July of 2007, he has been seeking a rematch. While Donaire was on a rise dominating his rivals, he was not interested in offering a shot at redemption to Darchinyan. Despite the fact that there was great interest for the rematch at first, it has slowly faded as time went by.

Now, Donaire needs a big fight and an impressive victory, and since Rigo is not available for this fight, who better than Darchinyan?

Apparently, according to Robert Garcia, Donaire looks impressive in training:

Garcia said to Hustleboss “Believe me, right now Nonito is probably better than ever. I have never seen him like this with two months before his fight. He’s motivated, he’s dedicated. And when we worked out, man he’s so fast and strong,” stated Garcia.

Nonito Donaire had always looked fast and strong, and always performed with impeccable technical boxing. Only in his fight again Rigo did Donaire look off, like he was slower and sloppier than ever before.

Was Donaire truly not himself that night? Or was Rigo so good, that he made Donaire look that way?

This, no one knows. Maybe if Donaire is able to end his fight against Darchinyan in an impressive fashion, a rematch against Rigo will materialize.

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