RESULTS: Dmitry Kudryashov Barely Gets Past Vaclav Pejsar In Slugfest; Wins Controversial Decision

12/21/2019 - By James Slater - Comments

Earlier today in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, power-punching cruiserweight Dmitry Kudryashov had to go the distance for the first time in his KO-laden career. The 34 year old bearded brawler won a very tough, controversial ten-round split decision over a very game Vaclav Pejsar. The two men gave their all in an at times thrilling fight, with Kudryashov walking away with the win courtesy of a score of 97-92 on one card and 95-94 on another. The third judge had the fight 97-92 in favour of Pejsar.

Now 24-3(23), Kudryashov had to dig incredibly deep so as to emerge victorious. But journeyman Pejsar, who has faced a number of heavyweights during his career, has to feel very hard done by. The man from the Czech Republic, a year older at age 35, falls to 14-9(12).

Aside from the fact that today’s fight somehow went the distance, it was business as it has lately become usual for Kudryashov. The Russian Hammer has fight-ending power yet he is also cursed with a lethal combo that works to his detriment: a poor defence and a shaky chin. Kudryashov didn’t hit the mat today, as he has in a number of other fights, but he took far too many punches, mostly whilst stuck on the ropes as Pejsar went to work.

It was a fast start from the man who recently fought for the Czech heavyweight title (losing twice to Pavel Sour), and soon Kudryashov’s face was reddened. It looked as though Kudryashov might be overwhelmed but to his credit (and he has always shown a massive fighting heart, win or lose) he was able to come back with an enormous right hand counter shot that sent Pejsar down hard in the fourth. How Pejsar got back up is anyone’s guess.

At this stage, it looked like there was no way the fight would go all ten rounds, yet incredibly it did. The two traded to the end, with Pejsar getting the better of it, doing cleaner work and forcing out more leather. Kudryashov jabbed well at times and he scored with some right hands, but this was, by and large, the heavy knockdown aside, Pejsar’s fight. Both men were marked up by the end, Pejsar cut above the left eye.

The good news for Kudryashov, aside from the fact that two of the three judges sided with him, is the fact that he will always have fans turning out to see him fight. Always exciting and always willing to give absolutely everything he has, Kudryashov earns every single penny he fights for. The bad news is Kudryashov cannot keep on taking punishment the way he took it today. Fighters run the risk of getting hurt bad if they are so hittable.

Whatever he chooses to do in the future, good luck goes out to Kudryashov. As for Pejsar, he deserves massive credit for his performance today.