Rashed “Money Kicks” Belhasa Loses His Pro Debut In Jeddah – Boxing Results

By James Slater - 08/20/2022 - Comments

Today in Jeddah, on the huge Oleksandr Usyk Vs. Anthony Joshua II card, YouTuber Rashed Belhasa, AKA “Money Kicks,” found out how hard the sport of boxing really is. Facing a 0-3 guy from Bulgaria named Traycho Georgiev, “Money Kicks” was shown up for what he is – a game guy who wanted to try his hand at The School of Hard Knocks but really has no business being in a boxing ring.

After the four rounds were done, the previously winless journeyman was deservedly awarded the split decision win (some may well have had Georgiev winning wider). Now 1-3, the Bulgarian who was widely expected to lose was over the moon with his win. “Money Kicks” had no obvious game plan, other than to swing widely and lose his balance. No fighter likes getting hit, but Belhasa showed it too much.

Georgiev is no great shakes, yet he was in shape and he IS a pro boxer. Today it showed. It really is quite ghastly to think that there was, a short while ago, plenty of serious talk about the great Floyd Mayweather getting in the ring with “Money Kicks,” who, even as an exhibition sparring partner for “Money” would be way, way, way out of his depth, with Floyd having to pull his punches. Let’s hope today’s result will see an end to this talked of exhibition bout; what a farce it would almost certainly have been.

Again, “Money Kicks” at least had the nerve to get in the ring (the great Willie Pep once famously said how no ring steps have ever been created that would be able to carry a coward into the ring), but he was shown up for what he is today: a popular (and extremely rich) You Tuber. Hey, the tough sport of boxing is not for everyone, is it! Who knows whether or not Belhasa will give it another go and (try to) box again?

29 year old Georgiev will no doubt have quite the party when he gets back home to Bulgaria!