Promoters “Working As Hard As Possible” To Make Taylor vs. Cameron III At Croke Park

By James Slater - 01/26/2024 - Comments

As fight fans know, female warriors Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are currently 1-1, with both fights that contested the women’s 140 pound title going down to the wire, both fights being close on the scorecards after 10 rounds. The rubber-match simply has to happen, and great efforts are currently underway to make the fight at the huge Croke Park in Ireland; to fight there being one of Taylor’s lifetime dreams.

Right now, promoters are trying to work with the government to get this fight made for May. But as Frank Smith explained to the Irish Mirror, this is not an easy task by any means.

“Conversations are ongoing between Croke Park and the government,” Smith said. “The reality is these things don’t happen overnight. With any government around the world, it takes time, there’s a process to go through. The key focus is for us to get Katie back in Dublin again. We (Matchroom) promote both Katie and Chantelle obviously and they’ve delivered two of the best nights of boxing I’ve seen in terms of fights and atmosphere and I think it would be great to see another one. It’s 1-1 between them and I’m confident we can get it done. We’ve seen those two amazing nights at the 3Arena, I can’t quite imagine what a sold-out Croke Park would be like.”

And a third fight between Cameron, 18-1(8) and Taylor, 23-1(6) absolutely would result in a sell-out, even at the massive Croke Park. It really would be a special, special night in May if Taylor and Cameron got it on at Croke Park; it would be a momentous occasion and the sheer atmosphere along with the size of the event would surely motivate both fighters like nothing else, even though neither lady needs motivating when it comes to fighting each other.

If the rubber-match happens at Croke Park, great, but wherever this one happens, we fans will be happy to see it. Bottom line, this third fight, this deciding fight, HAS to happen.

“We’re working as hard as possible and hopefully we can get something done,” Smith said.

Let’s hope the finale between 37 year old Taylor and 32 year old Cameron indeed gets done.