Prime Vs. Prime Who Wins – Floyd Mayweather Vs. Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Alvarez is in his fighting prime now, and the 30-year-old believes he is the best fighter in the world. The sole loss on Canelo’s record, as everybody knows, came when he was 23 years of age when he was comprehensively beaten via decision by Floyd Mayweather. As we approach Canelo’s May 8 fight with Billy Joe Saunders, the Mexican superstar was asked by Graham Bensinger, who would win, prime Vs. prime – Canelo or Mayweather?

Canelo shot back his reply instantly: “If we were both at our prime, our best prime, he wouldn’t want anything to do with me. Nothing. I’d knock him out,” Canelo said.

Canelo had said many times how he lacked in experience when he fought Mayweather back in 2013, that the loss made him stronger, that he has the experience now. There is, of course, zero chance of a return fight, with 44-year-old Mayweather happy and content to siphon off a ton of easy money by engaging in exhibition bouts, joke fights, freak shows – call them what you want. But prime Vs. prime, Canelo against Mayweather is a very interesting fight.

Canelo agreed to come in at 152 pounds when he fought Floyd almost eight years ago but in a prime Vs. prime fight, with Canelo at a full 154, maybe the Mexican would have proven too strong for Mayweather. But to be fair, Floyd was at his peak down at welterweight. It’s a tricky hypothesis as a result. There really could not have been a fight between a prime Canelo and a prime Mayweather, simply as the two peak versions of both greats were operating at different weights. Canelo might be the best he’s ever been, and he’s a super-middleweight. Floyd was the best he ever was when he was a welterweight.

In any case, judging by Canelo’s emotions, the loss to Mayweather still hurts him. Sure, it “didn’t kill my dreams,” as he said to Bensinger, but the defeat still bugs Canelo. Mayweather, as Chris Arreola said a day or so ago, caught Canelo at the right time. When inexperienced and agreeing to drop those two pounds, Canelo was taken to school in more ways than one by Floyd.

Prime Vs. Prime couldn’t have happened between these two, though, because they were so differently sized when in their primes. But yes, if Canelo and Mayweather did fight at either middleweight or super-middleweight, maybe Canelo would have knocked Floyd out. But Mayweather would never have let that happen. Canelo is perhaps correct with both his statements – Mayweather wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with him when he was in his prime, but if he had, Floyd would have been KO’d.

Mayweather began his career as a super-featherweight, Canelo as a light-welterweight.

15 thoughts on “Prime Vs. Prime Who Wins – Floyd Mayweather Vs. Canelo Alvarez?”

  1. It’s good to see and read logical comments, prime for prime Mayweather Jr. Wins just as easy . Canelo said he was still inexperienced, then why was he calling Floyd out in the first plc? He had 43 fights before Floyd all them fights and he was still inexperienced? Man take THAT “L” AND KEEP CHERRY PICKING , CAUSE YOU’LL NEVER BE ON FLOYDS LEVEL, taking fights like the last bum u fought. SMH lost all respect

    • Great point. Canelo is a fraud. I don’t see how anyone watched those weak fights he constantly takes.

  2. Canelo has been called out recently for ducking black fighters because athletic styles give him the most problems. Although his boxing IQ may be higher now I don’t see his footwork or handspeed getting faster with age. I honestly think if these guys were the same age and met up at any point in their career Mayweather wins as easily as he did when they met the first time if not easier.

  3. canela to fight one of those prime fighters as he ducked in fromcanela to fight one of those prime I could name to fight He lossed

  4. Canelo acts like things would be in his favor but fighting Floyd is hard in itself! His defense is impeccable & his ring experience makes it hard, if not impossible to beat Floyd, especially in his prime! Canelo wont fight the best fighters out now like Jermel Charlo or David B, so why would he think hes even on Floyds level?? Canelo is all talk & avoiding all black or mexican fighters cause hes afraid to loss again!! Hes in the witness protection from the wbc & now hes hand picking these bums, like it really matters!! If he wants respect, he needs to step it up & fight someone whos actually a challenge & stop being stupid!!

  5. This conversation is pointless. No one has any information or data that says Floyd would be beat. All offensive/compete fighters that faced him were dismantled.

  6. Mr. Mayweather will always be a defensive fighter. That’s how he won most of his fights. Everyone knows how borring a fight gets when you see two defensive boxers. He’s an excellent olympic fighter where he’ll win by points. Professional boxing requires more than that from a fan point of view. Sorry but Canelo is a complete boxer not only defensively.

    • But canelo fights the same now he’s just added more head movement the foot work is where Floyd was able to take advantage

  7. Floyd Mayweather jr beats any version of canelo. Floyd Mayweather jr beat the best fighters in the world and he does it with with God given talent superior boxing skills dedication to his craft he is a ring genius and with the guidance from his farther and rodger he had great teachers canelo isn’t even in Floyd Jr’s league and if you truly know boxing it’s an undisputable fact.

  8. Canelo was 170 when he fought floyd the night of the fight amd still got schooled i think it would be closer but u still think May woulda edged out a victory!! Canelo still fightin ppl less than

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