Peter Fury Won’t Take Anything for Granted / Says Tyson Will Rise to the Occasion Against Klitschko

Tyson Fury goes into his world title challenge for the undisputed heavyweight championship against Wladimir Klitschko in October brimming with confidence and full of self belief, convinced that his sheer size and skill-set will present the long dominant champion with a set of unique challenges that will ultimately be enough to see him through to victory.

Speaking to iFLtv his trainer and Uncle, Peter Fury, has said that while Tyson is indeed fearless going in against Wladimir, it is up to him to assess things realistically and come up with the right strategy for his nephew to win the fight, something no other man has managed in over 11 years.

While Tyson made reference to the champion’s advancing years at last week’s presser, saying he would be f***** if he can’t beat a near 40 year old man, Peter sensibly refuses to discount Klitschko’s age, given the fantastic condition the champion keeps himself in.

“Wladimir is a specimen of a human being, he’s a consummate professional, the guy’s in super condition.” he said.

“Thirty-nine – does it mean anything? Is he over the hill? Definitely not. I’m not relying on that at all.

“Tyson is literally not bothered by Wladimir. He’s not bothered about any boxer, he’s not intimidated whatsoever,” Fury said.

“Tyson sees himself as the best heavyweight on the planet. He’s just relishing the chance to get in there. He’s 1000% confident he can do a number on Wladimir – it’s for me to look with caution and see things for what they are.”

Yet if one thing is for certain, it’s that Peter doesn’t think his nephew will be over-awed by the occasion, suggesting that the bigger the magnitude of the event, the better Tyson Fury we will see;

“Tyson relishes the big fights, he comes alive. It’s like a flower getting water for Tyson. If you want the total best out of Tyson, as much as the pressure is on, the bigger the event, the fuller the arena – he loves it.

“It (The occasion) has the opposite effect for Tyson. If the arena’s empty and he’s fighting nobody, you’ll get a stink-fest out of him, he just can’t be bothered but when the occasion’s right, he’ll lift.

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