Results: Parker KOs Dimitrenko – Joshua next?

By Eugene Carnachan - 10/01/2016 - Comments

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Joseph Parker (20-0–0) V Alexander Dimitrenko (40-38-2) round by round

Dimintrenko born in Crimea but domiciled in Germany is going to struggle to hear the spattering of his fans that have arrived at the Vodafone Events Centre to support him. Parker fighting a stones throw from his family home is supported accordingly, the place brimming with pro-Parker fans.

Local luminaries are out in force. Most notably Cliff Curtis a New Zealand born actor with a huge slate of Hollywood credits to his name. Legendary All Black Jerome Kaino is too in the house to support his good friend Joseph Parker. The other luminary of note isn’t a local but famed fight caller ‘Colonel Bob Sheridan’. Sheridan a staple of Duco Events fight cards the promoters of Joseph Parker.

Since the David Tua V Shane Cameron bout in 2009 Duco Events have defined themselves as one of the premier promoters in this part of the world. Their acquisition of Kevin Barry’s coaching tutelage has polished and refined the raw talent of Joseph Parker into a fighter on the cusp of a 2017 title challenge. But first things first the not inconsiderable dimensions of the 6 ft 7 Dimitrenko.

Preliminary bouts.

Joseph Parkers younger brother John made his professional debut at Cruiserweight. This is Parkers first bout in 4 years after a 35 fight amateur career because of a wrist injury. Trained by former world champion Maselino Masoe Parker beat Ratu Dawai (2-3) via decision. John Parker looked to have genuine talent but we’ll need to see him evolve, fight better quality opponents in adjudging if he has the pure world class talent of his older brother.

Crowd is building.

Polish Heavyweight Izu Iugonoh (17-0-0) fighting out of the Kevin Barry camp crushed Frenchman Gregory Tony (21-6-0). Iugonoh dropped Tony in the first round. It was rinse and repeat in the second round, Iugonoh sitting Tony down twice more with some hellacious shots, particularly to the body in earning a TKO stoppage. Iugonoh looks to have all the tools and athleticism to compete in the top tier of the heavyweight division.

Junior Fa (5-0-0) a local heavyweight who boasts a win over Joseph Parker from their amateur days schooled a game Alapati A’asa (7-1) via a unanimous decision in an six round contest. Fighting principally from the outside he peppered the tough A’asa with a stout jab and eclectic shot selection. Fa tipping the scales at 271 pound is a work in progress but looks to be a very impressive prospect in possessing quick hands and footwork that you would not expect from such a massive human being. A young heavyweight to watch.

Crowd is piquing!

Parker tipped the scales 240.3 while Dimitrenko weighed 253.8. Parker is giving up 13 1/2 pounds and at 6 ft 4 3 inches in height to the Russian giant.

Big fight time! Crowd goes crazy as Parkers name is called.

Dimitrenko ring walk – Dimitrenko looks all business.

Parker ring walk – Parker too looks wired in, ready to go.

Stare down is purposeful from both guys. It’s on!

Round 1:

Parker working off the jab. Jabs beautifully to the body, goes upstairs, connecting with a right hand! Dimitrenko smiles, must have felt it. Joe hits Dimitrenko hard to the body, goes upstairs with the right, lands on the ear, drops Dimiternko to the canvass! Dimitrenko gets up, complaining it wasn’t a knock down, it was, no question.

Dimitrenko struggling with Parkers speed. Joe looks fluid, Dimitrenko awkward. Speed kills, Joe definitively faster and the more aggressive fighter.

Parker round.

Round 2:

Dimitrenko coming out with more intent. Trying to establish himself off the back of his jab. Parker lands another right hand. Dimintrenko trying to use his jab as his bread and butter but it’s not keeping Parker off – bad, bad sign for Dimitrenko. Dimitrenko goes down again, not sure what shot sent him down, looked like a slip. Dimitrenko up, he doesn’t shook up from a shot but the way Parkers on that inevitable.. Parker catches Dimitrenko with a big right! Dimitrenko down again, struggling to stop Parker’s right hand! He makes it up! Parker beating him down, putting on a boxing clinic!

Parker round.

Round 3:

Dimitrenko can’t keep Parker off. Harbinger for a hard night at the office for him! Dimitrenko goes down while holding Parker, Parker hits him to the body as he falls, Dimitrenko writhing on the canvass, holding his rib cage. Oh no! Looks as if Dimitrenko has tasted Parkers power, didn’t like the taste and wants to spit it out by spitting the dummy. Dimitrenko looks to be trying to turn this into a late shot complaint. Someone bring the bloke an Oscar…or ask Cliff Curtis into the ring to give him acting lessons!

Dimitrenko counted out 1:19 left in the 3rd round! Over! Parker with more ammunition than a dooms day bunker!

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Fight wrap.

Dimitrenko simply could not handle Parker’s speed and power. Parker was able to bridge the gap and touch Dimitrenko at will. If you can’t keep Parker off and he catches you regularly and particularly with his right hand you’re either going to need an exceptional set of whiskers, a stretcher or in Dimitrenko’s case acting lessons. Parker talks ‘we’ve had a great training camp, Kevin has taught me all these new things and I feel like we’ve got the spark back we haven’t seen in the last 3 or 4 fights’. Parker’s comments were evident in this outing. Tonight we saw the most complete Joseph Parker we’ve seen in his professional career – he looked outstanding. Dimitrenko’s antics shouldn’t detract from Parkers performance, it was because of Parker’s pressure, power and ability he took the out option. Parker never allowed him to settle in, hurt him repeatedly and simply overwhelmed him and he had enough. What next? Anthony Joshua next to determine who is the best young heavyweight on the planet?

All Results:

Joseph Parker KO 3 Alexander Dimitrenko
Junior Fa W 6 Alapati A’asa
Izu Ugonoh TKO 2 Gregory Tony
Brown Buttabean W 4 Clarence Tillman III
John Parker w 4 Ratu Sailosi Dawai

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