Pacquiao will knockout Spence in first six rounds says Nonito Donaire Sr

07/05/2021 - By Albert Craine - Comments

Nonito Donaire Sr is predicting an early knockout win for Manny Pacquiao over Errol Spence Jr in their fight next month on August 21st at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Donaire Sr, the father of WBC bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire, feels that the speed that Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs) has going for him will enable him to land his shots on the bigger, slower IBF/WBC welterweight champion Spence.

Errol (27-0, 21 KOs) couldn’t hurt the 5’6″ Mikey Garcia in their fight in 2019, and he’s roughly the same height as the 5’5 1/2″ Pacquiao. Donaire Sr thinks that if Spence couldn’t hurt Mikey, he won’t be able to give Pacquiao any trouble.

Spence, 5’9 1/2″, looked painfully slow and flat-footed in his last fight in December against Danny Garcia. The slow hand and foot speed for Errol made it easy for Danny to land shots on him.

However, Spence’s strong chin allowed him to take the punches and fire back with his big shots of his own to get the better of Garcia to win a 12 round decision.

Pacquiao will knockout Spence in first six rounds says Nonito Donaire Sr

“We’re here for Manny Pacquiao and Spence,” said Nonito Donaire Sr. to Fighthype. “He [Pacquiao] has that ever since he was born, the speed and the power already.

“I think before Spence can react, Manny can hit him right away because of the speed. Spence doesn’t have the speed that Manny has,” said Donaire Sr.

Pacquiao will need to find a way to get past Spence’s long reach and powerful jab because he will be trying to keep him on the outside.

As we saw in Spence’s fight with Mikey, it’s not easy to get in punching range against him. When Spence is using his jab, he keeps his shorter opponents bottled up on the outside.

Shawn Porter could get in close to Spence, but he looked he intentionally let him because he wanted to fight his fight. It’s a different story when Spence wants to box.

“It’s very dangerous for him [Errol] because for me when he fought Mikey Garcia, Mikey was way too small for him. He didn’t hurt Garcia,” said Donaire Sr.

“When he fights a guy with speed and power, we’ll see. I think Manny will knock him out in the early rounds. Maybe in the first six rounds, that’s the most,” said Donaire Sr.

It looked like Spence wasn’t trying to hurt Mikey in that fight, and that may be the reason that it went the full 12 rounds.

When Spence turned it up a notch in the ninth round, Mikey looked like he was falling apart.

That was the only time Spence appeared to be going all out in the fight, and he only did that for a portion of the round. The question is, did Spence allow Mikey to go the full 12 rounds on purpose?

“It’s doing good. Before we leave here, we’ll be sparring,” said trainer Buboy Fernandez to Fighthype about Pacquiao’s training camp. “So we use two guys for sparring.

“Manny is more hungry because we leave for almost two years,” said Buboy about why he believes Pacquiao can win.

“Yeah, in this fight, it’s going to be a different Manny Pacquiao. We’re going to show him. Errol Spence is not an easy fighter. He’s a good fighter, he’s a world champion. We train hard,” said Buboy.

Pacquiao will knockout Spence in first six rounds says Nonito Donaire Sr

If Spence is hungry too, it could be a test of wills to see which of the two want it more.

If Spence fights in the same slow manner that he did against Danny Garcia, Pacquiao is going to be all over him, landing shots

It wouldn’t be advisable for Spence to fight flat-footed and slow against Manny because he’ll get picked apart.

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15 thoughts on “Pacquiao will knockout Spence in first six rounds says Nonito Donaire Sr”

  1. It’ll be a good fight Pac-Man is game but Spence proves he’s the best in the division!!

  2. Spence by brutal KO within 8…..those saying Spence is flat footed and slow clearly didn’t hear about what Spence did to Mayweather while sparring with him for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Manny could barely touch Floyd to the point Floyd openly said sparring with Spence was harder than fighting Pac….Manny is going to get smashed to bit and knocked spark out.

    • Mayweather did nothing but kept running and hugging Pacquiao. Coward Mayweather period.

  3. Props to manny for still doing his thing at his age but sez knows boxing and manny is taking on to much this time around. Spence isn’t Thurman. Thurman had a long lay off after injuries and manny got a split decision. Spence is anther animal. Spence by body work and he gets a stoppage later fight or a unanimous decision.

  4. He said Pac in 6 LOL. Lest see excuse he has after the fight. Blame it on age, size, senator work, food ,roids etc

  5. I think Paxman starts off good gir about 5 or 6 rds same way he did with Thurman and father time starts to kick on and he will start getting hi GG more with shots mainly body shots see Paxman getting stopped mist likely with body shots

  6. Pac man takes some of the early rounds .first 4 out of six…Spence..jab and body shots start to slow Pac man down in rounds 6 ..7 ..8….9….Spence taking ..3 of the the rounds…in round 10 ..11…12..SPENCE clearly…?.DOMINATES…the last 2 rounds!….A very close fight !…SPENCE WINS SPLIT DECISION!..?

  7. After this Senator, please retire. I don’t think you would want your kids to see u end up like Mohammed Ali in the long run. We’ll pray to God thru Jesus Christ to give u wisdom. You have enough beatings already. Rest your body before it’s too late, Senator. May the Lord bless you, keep u n give u peace(Numbers 6:23-27). Amen n amen Senator. To God b the glory, honor n praise.

  8. NONITO DONAIRE SR It’s saying that because he is a Filipino but it will be time to pass the torch to the younger bigger stronger better fighter in the later rounds Spence will knock Pacquiao‘s old 43-year-old ass out!

  9. The leprechaun senior is a idiot his son got beat up by inoye and he fights him again he get knock out this time around. Spence is gonna retire Pakman

  10. stay on top of spence every round and the tko will come,that is why im puting my 1000 bucks on pac

    • Only Father Time can say for sure if Manny’s time is up or still to come. Spence is a solid champion with a good chin and high boxing IQ, but if the Pacman still has access to his extraordinary toolbox he could prevail. Its easy to say he is too old, Spence is big, strong and younger. People thought that when Duran fought Davey Moore and later Iran Barkley but Roberto brought extraordinary ring saavy, and a hands of stone punch to those fights. So never say never. Spence should win, but will he? Manny should lose, but will he? I’m looking forward to a great fight no matter how it ends up.

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