Outrage Over Gabriel Maestre vs Mykal Fox Decision!

DiBella Calls For Federal Investigation Of Boxing And The WBA

Another fight night, another bad decision. So it goes in the sport of boxing. It happened again last night, as 3-0 fighter Gabriel Maestre fought Mykal Fox, 22-3(5) for the WBA interim welterweight title. Though most people watching felt Fox of Maryland more than deserved the 12 round decision, it instead went to former amateur standout Maestra of Venezuela, despite the fact that Fox scored a knockdown along the way, in round two, and appeared to boss almost all of the rounds.

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The official scores were 117-110, 115-112 and 114-113, all for Maestre. We have seen plenty of bad decisions, debatable decisions and flat-out robberies (far too many in fact), but some big names from the sport are simply disgusted and outraged over last night’s officiating.

Lou DiBella has put out a tweet in which he calls for a federal investigation of boxing and the WBA. While Keith Idec has written how everyone, Maestre included, knows Fox won last night’s fight.

“There should be a federal investigation of #boxing and the WBA that begins on Monday. That was a 12 point win for @ProfessorMYKE!!! And EVERYONE in boxing in the know SAW THIS COMING. Boxing is corrupt and disgusting with a rigged system of ratings and governance. ENOUGH!!!” reads DiBella’s tweet.

It’s obvious how angry DiBella, a genuinely passionate, life-long fight person, really is. Will anything be done, though? How many times have we seen a terrible score-card or set of score-cards, with us all saying “something has to be done,” and yet nothing happened? Now that as big a name as DiBella has called for a federal investigation, maybe something will actually happen.

Right now, it’s tough, in fact almost impossible, to find anyone who agrees with the decision win Maestre was awarded last night. The very least Fox deserves is an immediate rematch.

Look at this from CompuBox:

“Absolute stinker of a decision. Fox controlled the distance, was the busier fighter landing 13 of 59 punches per round to 11 of 44 for Maestre, who was knocked down.”

The CompuBox final scores had Fox landing 157 punches to Maestre’s 131.

It seems we have a “winner” as far as 2021’s Robbery of the Year goes.



14 thoughts on “Outrage Over Gabriel Maestre vs Mykal Fox Decision!”

  1. The fix was in way before the fight a great amateur with an 3-0 record just go back and listen to the commentary Fox had no chance it wasn’t until both Lennox Lewis and Joe Goossen had to keep correcting an updating they lead commentator about how well Fox was fighting like someone from the network was in his ear saying otherwise then midway though the fight a network guy come on saying how Maestre body shots are doing damage to Fox and Maestre is in this fight 🤷🏾‍♂️ so yes I knew the fix was in in my gut I knew if Fox didn’t pick up the pace he’d be robbed to some it looked like he was running but more so making dude miss his fault was he never made him PAY FOR IT!!!! the killer for me was after the crime was
    read #decision Lennox Lewis and Joe Goosen seemed upset but in my opinion they cut there opinions off and the lead commentator quickly says and I quote…. We’ll be back with more positive news…WTF!!!!! what better news then to shame the powers that be in that moment!!!!! Yet came back from commercial with Pacquiao Spence up and coming fight SMH and not another word or interview from this kid who just was raped and robbed live for the world to see…Fox the high road didn’t help you here my team and I would have set in the ring until the cops came….Yes forcing the WBA and news outlets to stand behind you walking saying OMFG did nothing you boxed smart yet soft at times so you had a roll in this also….I love boxing was born with bad health and couldn’t play sports but my eyes are fine and what I saw drove me crazy!!!!

  2. Wow!He was knocked down and beat badly but still won?WTF?!!!And by unanimous decision?!!!Theses judges should be investigated and banned for life!😡🤬

  3. Always loved boxing. Always loved watching boxing. After watching this down-right robbery, this total injustice. It is clear that boxing has become so corrupt that, although I love the sport, I will never watch boxing again. When it gets to the point where it doesn’t matter anymore who actually wins the fight but who profits more, I’m out…

    • Watched it from start to finish, Fox won hands down!! Sad, how could Maestra even raise his hands on victory?

  4. I am a 17 year boxing veteran and it’s quite simple!!!! Let’s all stop watching WBA fights PERIOD!!!! Obviously nothing ever is rectified in such situations. Let’s just boycott these THIEVES!!!!!. That 117-110 card is a JOKE like the judge that scored it. LETS ALL STOP WATCHING WBA FIGHTS!!!!. Hit crooks where it hurts, THEIR POCKETS!!!!!!. All 3 judges are a joke and nothing but corrupt losers. I hope you all get terminated from boxing. I’m surprised the Byrd family wasn’t involved. Is that who trained these three clowns?

  5. I’ve been a huge boxing fan my entire life. I’ve watched several fights where I didn’t agree with the decision but this fight is by far the worst decision I’ve ever seen. This is exactly why most folks don’t watch anymore. The judges need to be investigated. Just wonder how I can apply for a job?

  6. I just hope please that we do something about this and I hope that al haymon whom I respect can also try and do something about this as well as floyd mayweather I just hope they also can speak up and maybe this type of crap this type of embarrassing moments can finally stop please cause its really hurting boxing a sport that many of us truly love thank you

  7. This was the worst judging ive seen in boxing history. Mykal Fox clearly won the fight and to rob him on national tv is the worst. This will not go un notice and this give boxing a black eye. That young man work hard and deserved that title. I promise this wont go un notice .

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