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Oscar De La Hoya For President!?

Well, not too many people thought Donald Trump would ever do it! And, as Oscar De La Hoya has said, he doesn’t know too much about politics either. Yes, De La Hoya says, he insists, he is serious – he plans to run for President one day. Speaking with TMZ Sports, De La Hoya said that for as long as he can remember, people have been asking him to “represent,” “to have a bigger voice.”

“I am actually, very, very serious and I strongly feel that if Kanye West can do it and announce and maybe tease the world that he would maybe one day wanna run for President, why not me?” De La Hoya told TMZ Sports yesterday. “I’ve had literally, over the years, ever since I became a professional in boxing, I’ve had millions of people tell me, ‘ Look, why don’t you represent? Why don’t you stand up and have a bigger voice?’ And obviously, the biggest voice you can have is being President.”

Reportedly, De La Hoya will await the response his exploratory team gets and, if positive, he will begin his campaign.”

So what to make of this? Has De La Hoya lost his marbles? Has “The Golden Boy” any idea what it would take, how much money it would take, for him to make even a semi-successful run for the Presidency? Trump was vastly inexperienced in the field of politics (and still is in many areas according to his critics) yet he had $ billions at his disposal.

Would De La Hoya leave the sport of boxing behind if he got serious (he says he already is serious of course) about serving in the political world? If he did run, De La Hoya would no doubt be attacked by various people in various places. Would Oscar prove to be made of stern enough stuff to be able to handle the dirty tricks played in politics? Would he be able to handle the fierce debates?

It seems too weird to be even asking these questions, yet De La Hoya was not joking when he made his announcement. If Oscar does run, never will Don King’s famous phrase, ‘Only in America’ have been so apt.