One Year On From His Near-Fatal Car Crash, Errol Spence Is Feeling “Triple-Blessed”

One year on from being involved in a nasty car crash that could so easily have taken his life, welterweight champ Errol Spence has released a photo of himself in the hospital just hours after being dragged out of his wrecked car. And the image up on FightHype really is one that is hard to look at – as well as being one that graphically shows how badly injured Spence really was, to his face in particular.

Spence is all but totally unrecognizable in the grim photograph, his features swollen and bloodied.

Spence took to social media to again give his thanks to God for allowing him to survive the nasty crash:

“A year today…I don’t know how or why I got saved but thank God the thought of leaving my Lil girls and them growing up without me still f**k with me but I’m triple blessed & must be here for a reason,” Spence wrote just a few hours ago.

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Fight fans are now waiting to see how, or if at all, Spence’s boxing career has been affected by the injuries he suffered in the smash; his physical injuries as well as the psychological issues the incident may or may not have inflicted on him. As fans know, Spence, for many the best welterweight on the planet, will return against a tough foe in former champ Danny Garcia, 36-2(21) – this fight now set for December 5 with fans expected to be able to attend.

Spence, unbeaten at 26-0(21) has shown true strength of character, not only by picking as formidable a comeback opponent as Garcia, but also for coming back so quickly. It was just one year ago when Spence came terribly close to losing his life. We’ve seen too many great fighters lose their life in traffic accidents and car and bike smashes. Thankfully we didn’t lose Spence the same way.

So can “The Truth” pick up where he left off and achieve true greatness? It all re-starts on December 5 against Garcia. The welterweight fight is arguably the most intriguing, fascinating fight of the year.

As much as fans both like and admire Garcia, who won’t be rooting for Spence here?