On This Day 30 Years Ago: The Great Khaosai Galaxy Retires At 47-1(41)

How great, how special a fighter was Khaosai Galaxy? The former long reigning WBA super-flyweight champion, the lethal, destructive southpaw from Thailand, ranks as one of the best lower weight fighters of all-time. It was on this day in 1991 when a 32 year old Galaxy retired from the sport, with an incredible 47-1(41) record. There would be no comeback from the man with the funny yet at the same time chilling nickname “Sai thaluang-si” – which roughly translates as “The Left Hand That Drills Intestines.”

Galaxy, born Sura Saenkham, was indeed a fearsome puncher, and a tough, relentless ring warrior. After a career in Muay Thai, Galaxy (getting the name from a nightclub owner) went pro in December of 1980. Along with his twin brother, Khaokor Galaxy, the 21 year old went from raw and durable aggressor to proficient puncher in quick time. Galaxy – who never fought outside of Thailand aside from a handful of fights that took place in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia – was soon being talked about in hushed tones. Who was this devastating puncher with the legendary left hand?

In November of 1984, Galaxy KO’d Eusebio Espinal in the sixth round to become IBF champ at junior-bantamweight and his early career loss, on points to Sakda Saksuree from 1981, was firmly forgotten. An amazing 19 title defences followed, with Galaxy stopping all but three of his challengers. With his best punch being a vicious straight left to the body, Galaxy terrorised the division. He was Manny Pacquiao before Manny Pacquiao.

What a shame Galaxy never became an international star. What a shame he never boxed in America or in the UK, or in Mexico. Galaxy was utterly untouchable during his long, seven-year reign. Some experts say no 115 pound fighter has ever hit as hard as Galaxy hit. The Galaxy twins made boxing history, when Khaokor Galaxy won the WBA bantamweight title, the two becoming the first twins to ever be world boxing champions (Khaokor retired in 1989, with a fine 24-2(19) record.)

An argument can, maybe, be made over who was the greater overall fighter, Khaosai or Khaokor, but that’s a whole different article. Both men were great, and both warriors were deserving of superstar status outside of Thailand. Yes, it’s a corny pun, but the Galaxy twins were literally out of this world! Both men were born fighting machines.