No truth to Mike Tyson-Bobby Gunn bare-knuckle “super-fight” rumours

Fight fans might have read the various stories that suggested Bobby Gunn was set to face boxing star Mike Tyson in a bare-knuckle “super-fight” that would go out on pay-per-view. The story began who knows where but it picked up momentum and even has a piece on it. But Michael Woods of The Bible of Boxing has done us all a favor by quashing the rumors once and for all.

Woods got hold of former pro/turned bare-knuckle king Gunn, and though Gunn said he would “love to” fight the former world champion, a Tyson spokesman informed Woods that “There’s no truth to it.”

“There you go, my brother, that puts a stop to all the rumours,” Gunn told Woods.

This particular “special attraction” would have caught on with the paying fans if it had taken place, and Gunn did reportedly have a rich backer who was willing to put up a $million, winner take all. Tyson, though, is happy in retirement these days. But Gunn is now looking for another pay-per-view opponent.

“I would love, though, to fight a Randy Couture, the former UFC champ, or Chuck Liddell, “ Gunn said. “Could you imagine how big of a pay-per-view event it would be with either one of these two names? You know craziness sells!”

Tyson-Gunn sure would have sold, and over the years we’ve seen top names from boxing engage in, call them what you will, curiosity events or freak shows. Ali met Inoki in a wrestling match, James Toney fought Couture in a ill-advised venture inside the cage, while “Big” George Foreman fought five guys in one night!

Tyson, now aged 50, has evidently matured though. There is no more craziness left in the one-time “Baddest Man on The Planet.”

No truth to Mike Tyson-Bobby Gunn bare-knuckle “super-fight” rumours