Mikey Garcia down for a fight with Gervonta Davis

Mikey Garcia says he’d be up for a fight with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis if it came his way. The former four-division world champion Mikey (40-1, 30 KOs) notes that Davis (25-0, 24 KOs) has got many things going for him in terms of power and being popular.

A fight between Mikey and Tank would likely bring in a lot of pay-per-view buys on SHOWTIME. Mikey will be turning 34 in December, and he hasn’t fought in a year and a half since his win over Jessie Vargas in February 2020.

With no fights scheduled, Mikey vs. Tank Davis would be an excellent fight for 2021. Mikey has been fighting just once a year since 2016, and he could miss out if he doesn’t get a fight signed.

Former WBA light welterweight champion Regis Prograis could be next for Mikey, but we’ll have to see. With the inertia that Mikey has had over the last seven years, it’s difficult to say if the Prograis fight will occur.

It’s a risky fight for Mikey because Prograis can punch, and he’s a lot bigger than the guys that he’s fought through most of his career.

Mikey could have made so much more money than he has as a pro if he’d fought two to three times a year.

“I think so. He’s exciting, he’s strong, and he’s got a lot of fans,” said Mikey Garcia to Fighthype when asked if he’d be interested in fighting Gervonta Davis.

“He’s very popular. He [Tank] made the right adjustments. [Mario] Barrios was so much taller and right the longer reach,” said Mikey.

It would be interesting to see if Mikey could negotiate a fight with Tank. Given that Tank Davis’ promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr’s recent comments about keeping him fighting on in-house guys, it’s not realistic that Mikey would be allowed to fight him.

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Hopefully, Mikey still isn’t chasing Manny Pacquiao to try and get a fight against him because that’s not going to happen. Pacquiao is likely to retire after facing Errol Spence Jr next month on August 21st.

The perception that some boxing fans have is that Mikey is just trying to hustle a big-money fight against guys like Pacquiao so that he can cash out. Fans wouldn’t think that if Mikey were staying active, winning world titles like other fighters.

Mikey did get a big payday against Errol Spence Jr in 2019, but he lost badly and looked too small.

Last year, Mikey defeated the past his best former two-division world champion Jessie Vargas by a 12 round decision. Vargas gave Mikey a lot of problems with his work rate. He took advantage of Mikey’s Broner-esque style of fighting in which he throws very few punches per round.

It’s safe to say that if Mikey were to fight a quality contender at 147 like Jaron Ennis or Vergil Ortiz Jr, he’d be soundly beaten.

“It took him [Tank] a couple of rounds, four rounds maybe five, and he started closing the gap,” said Mikey about Davis’ recent fight against Mario Barrios.

“Once he figured out the right timing and the right range, he turned it up and did some damage.

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“It happened so fast,” said Mikey about an instant during the Davis-Barrios fight in which Tank looked stunned by a hard shot. Some fighters aren’t able to catch those split seconds when you might have possibly hurt your opponent.

“I don’t think he was hurt, but he was a little bit off-balance. That’s why Barrios didn’t go on the attack because Tank is dangerous. Barrios could have noticed that he wasn’t hurt, and he was smart not to follow up. It’s a dangerous thing to do with Tank’s punching power,” said Mikey.

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  1. Here my take if Barrios can take Tank all the way to the 11 round Tank doesn’t stand chance with Progris.Regis is just to big and powerful for Tank.Tank stands a better chance with Mikey.

  2. People think Tank will KO Garcia yet Spence couldn’t. Tank would feel the most powerful punch he’s ever felt plus timing.

  3. Mickey will win no doubt against tank,Mickey way better boxer than tank experienced wise.

  4. Mikey knocks him out. His timing and punching power is still there, power last thing to go and Tank is not as strong as Spence and Spence was hesitant to go for the knockout because he felt Mikey and experienced enough to keep him humble. All of you will change your opinion after he Knocks out Regis. Money knows better!!!

  5. Barrios had nothing going into that fight with Tank. He did not throw enough punches, it even looked like he fought without wanting to win. Mikey if he throws enough punches can beat Tank. Tank is not that good. Barrios made him look good because he lacked ” cojones”to go in there and really fight.

  6. El tiempo de Mickey tal vez allá pasado pero difícil q lo noquee y Mickey en ese peso antes no había quien le ganara vamos a ver lo q pasa q David se duerma con Mickey

  7. Great fight pits Mayweather vs robert garcia everyone has an opinion but Mikey is a formidable opponent.

  8. I Think Mikey wants one more Big Payday.. also I believe looking at all the Evidence he’s just not Truly Passionate about it anymore.. The 4 yrs ago Mikey at 135 gives Tank a Great Fight.. Today he’s EZ Work for Tank..

  9. No way. Mikey best days are in the past.
    Best that he starts to coach train other young up and coming boxers. He should have kept boxing after loss to spence which was a terrible mistake but he could have been in better shape than he is today.
    No no no

  10. Mikey should stay in his natural weight class, even @ 33 he is best @ Lightweight & could STILL pick up titles & hold on to them for a couple, few years MORE! IMHO

  11. I think Mikey is to slow for Davis & Tank will stop him in a couple of rounds even though Mikey did go the distance with Errol I feel with tanks power he will stop M. Garcia

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