Mega-Bucks YouTuber Talks Up Floyd Mayweather Event: It Will Be A Real Fight

01/11/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

“Money” versus “Money Kicks.” It seems a fight between all-time great Floyd Mayweather and mega-bucks YouTuber “Money Kicks,” real name Rashed Belhasa, will happen in Dubai next month. According to the 20 year old rich kid, talks are at the “last stage” and the fight – to take place on the helipad at a glitzy hotel in Dubai – will be scheduled for eight rounds. Many fans have grown weary of these kind of celebrity fights and this one might be a new low, even for Mayweather, who as we know cares far more about money than he does his legacy.

What chance has a 20-year-old novice (Money Kicks has had two fights, winning both apparently) got against an all-time great, even a 45 year old all-time great? This is nothing but a money grab for Floyd, while Belhasa is genuinely excited at the thought of sharing a ring with a fighter who he himself says is “the best ever.”

Speaking with Sky Sports, Money Kicks hyped up the seemingly inevitable fight:

“I grew up with lions – I’m not scared,” he said. “I will never fear any human. I won’t lie to myself. Entering the ring with [Mayweather] is an honour. I will try my best. You never know – any punch can land, and I have heavy hands. If he underestimates me? A punch can come. Anything can happen. I am much taller than him. If I knock him out, I would not sleep for a year!”

Dream on.

Who amongst real boxing fans will entertain this fight? It’s sure to be a pay-per-view offering but will it prove to be worth the price tag? Will Floyd really fight, or will he be content to “move around, have some fun, put on a show for the fans?” Will Mayweather fight with intent or will he pull his punches? Mayweather fans will tune in of course but many of us will take a pass with this one. Hasn’t Floyd made enough money yet? Maybe there is no such word as enough in Mayweather’s vocabulary.