Mayweather W12 Alvarez – Floyd’s Finest Performance?

Superstar Floyd Mayweather is back in the news right now, but for sad reasons. In fact, reports say any comeback plans Mayweather had for 2020 will now be put firmly on ice; this of course sue to the passing of Floyd’s uncle and great trainer Roger Mayweather.

Floyd is understandably devastated over the death of Roger, who was just 58 years of age.

So if you wish to watch a Mayweather fight to see the master at work, it will mean a dip into the archives. Which fight od Mayweather’s 50 was his finest, his best performance?

How about Mayweather W12 Alvarez? In many ways, this fight was indeed Mayweather’s greatest performance.

For 12 full rounds Canelo was unable to hit Mayweather’s chin or his body; not with anything approaching a significant shot. Mayweather was expected by many to have a tough and testing time with Canelo (an admittedly biased Oscar De La Hoya predicted a Canelo stoppage win) yet he instead cruised to a wide and clear decision win that netted him many additional millions of $dollars. Well, it SHOULD have been a clear and wide decision. Instead, almost unbelievably, a certain CJ Ross handed in a card that had the fight against Canelo scored a draw.

Only in boxing could such an atrocity occur. It goes to show that even superstar fighters are not safe when it comes to crazy cards and downright awful judging.

Floyd shook his head upon hearing the 114-114 card but he quickly smiled and celebrated, knowing he had bumped off yet another future Hall of Famer. The knock-on Mayweather has been how he cherry-picked his opponents in the latter stages of his career, one that we all know eventually saw him reach perfect 50-0 numbers. But Canelo was no cherry-pick.

The sole argument the Mayweather critics have with this great win is the fact that the bout was fought at a catch-weight of 152 pounds, not Canelo’s then natural 154. But Canelo’s and his team agree like to this and Mayweather, a smallish welterweight anyway, would almost certainly have won the fight had the Mexican star been permitted to weigh-in carrying those additional two pounds.

Now, a good number of years on, Canelo’s is a pound-for-pound star himself, has been for some time, and nobody has managed to defeat him since Mayweather.

Yes, Mayweather’s fine win over Canelo is one not even Floyd’s critics can cock a snoop at.