Mayweather Jr. When Asked About Pacquiao: “He’s not going to get a chance to fight me”

floyd1234“How are things today? He’s not going to get a chance to fight me. I was feeling that way weeks ago. Now, I’m feeling like I wouldn’t even give him a chance. He had a chance, he blew it, so that’s what it is,” said Mayweather Jr. in a recent interview with when talking about a possibility of him facing Pacquiao.

Mayweather Jr. is running out of formidable fan-approved opponents, who will he fight when there is no one left?

Mayweather Jr. has the tendency to contract himself at times, as we have heard him say that he will fight him just to turn around and say that he is not interested in that fight. Still, I have always hoped, and still do, that these two will fight when the time is right and the money is on the table.

Is It A Joke, Or Will Floyd Mayweather Really Fight Logan Paul?

At this moment in time, it seems like both Floyd and Manny have fights lined up, and both will walk away with colossal paydays. So why fight each other now, when they could still milk the smaller (easier) fights for however long they have remaining in boxing, and keep their fight with each other as the last big bang when everything else is dry? At least that’s the way I reasons after numerous negotiations between the two failed for various reasons.

After reading his recent interview, I have a feeling that Mayweather Jr. has seriously scrapped the idea, and is no longer interested in Manny Pacquiao or the money that he brings to the negotiations table. Of course we all know that for the right amount, almost any fight could be made, but the idea seems to be fading as the days go by.

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