Mayweather gives update on Logan Paul fight

04/20/2021 - By Jeepers Isaac - Comments

Floyd Mayweather Jr has five cities in mind for his next fight against Logan Paul for their still-to-be-decided date and venue. Mayweather and Paul, 26, were previously scheduled to fight on February 20th on Triller pay-per-view, but it was postponed.

It’s believed they wanted to wait until crowds were allowed back in before they staged the match. Now things are opening back up in major cities for sporting events; this summer would be ideal for the Mayweather-Paul fight to occur.

“Where do you guys think the fight should be?” said Mayweather in asking his fans where the fight with Logan should be staged.

Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) and the winless YouTuber Logan (0-1) could be meeting for their exhibition match in one of these cities:

  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta

The decision may be made on which city allows full crowd. Depending on how much interest fans have for the Mayweather vs. Paul fight, the new 70,000 seat Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas would be an excellent option to stage it.

On paper, it seems like a wacky idea for Mayweather to fight an exhibition match against the YouTuber Paul. It’s a match-up between the unbeaten Mayweather and the winless Paul, and it seems not only strange but poorly thought-out.

Surely, Mayweather could make more money fighting someone else than an over-matched YouTuber? What Mayweather is counting on is the huge social media followers of Paul and his brother Jake Paul to bring in the fans.

Floyd would take a free ride and not have to bring in his own fans, who obviously would know better than to spend their hard-earned money on this mismatch.

The fight works for Mayweather in another way as well. He doesn’t have to worry about taking punishment like he would if he fought one of his MMA guys or an active boxer, who would land shot on the 44-year-old Mayweather.

If Mayweather wanted to create a firestorm of attention to himself right now, he’d walk away from the Logan Paul fight and instead take on Jake Paul. That’s a guy that has enough power to hurt Mayweather if he lands anything.

Jake probably couldn’t beat a top 135-pounder like Teofimo Lopez or Gervonta Davis, but he’s got the power to defeat anyone if he lands.

It’s understandable why Floyd chose not to fight Jake. There’s danger there for Mayweather if he takes that fight.

In contrast, Logan can’t punch and has the stamina of someone with cardio issues. The way Logan gassed out after one round in his pro debut against YouTuber KSI was disturbing.

In watching Logan work shadow box in training before the fight, you could see that he would have problems with the way he was breathing really hard. Logan looked like he was about to keel over from exhaustion from simple shadow boxing.

That’s good for Mayweather because he can get easy money but bad for the fans because it’s another poor product that they’re being sold. Mayweather vs. Logan Paul has no competitive value on paper.


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