Manuel Charr shooting; Gunman is still at large

German newspaper Bild reports that former heavyweight title contender Manuel Charr has been shot yesterday by an unknown person in a diner in the German town of Essen. The responsible person has fled the crime scene directly after the shooting. Charr was taken to a hospital, but apparently suffered no life-threatening injuries.

The “Kölner Express” reported on its Web site of four shots in the abdominal area. The police spoke of “several shots”, but would not confirm the identity of the victim. Since the attack is now determined as a homicide, eyewitnesses are to be heard during the day.

Bild reports further that at first it seemed as if Charr was not seriously injured. He spoke with the emergency services, was pushed on a stretcher in the ambulance. But in the University Hospital in Essen, his condition suddenly deteriorated, immediate surgery was needed. Surgery took until the early morning and Charr seems to be out of danger.

Background of the bloody confrontation is rumored to be an insult on Facebook, where somebody insulted Charr by posting a video of his latest KO loss. A friend of the boxer told Bild: “This was a provocation, Charr has problems with a man from Essen, wanted to tell him: Look, I’m in your city, let`s sort it out and meet up. Then the guy Manuel ordered to the diner, but that was a lousy trick”. According to eyewitness reports, the gunman drove in front of the diner, shot Charr out of the car and fled the scene.

Before the incident, Charr posted his exact location in a video on Facebook

Kommt alle nach Essen bin gerade in #CopaCabanalounge #TeamDiamondBoy 1 weberstrasse 12 in essen

Posted by Official Manuel Charr on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

According to Bild, the alleged shooter is also a boxer. Police stormed his apartment, 300 meters away from the crime scene, but no arrests were made.

This is not the first time Charr has got into trouble outside the ring after being involved in a knife fight in August 2006 and throwing raw eggs at passers-by on Berlin’s busy Kudamm. Charr also faced charges of attempted murder, but was acquitted due to a lack of evidence.