Manny Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather in December in exhibition match

By Jeff Sorby - 10/27/2023 - Comments

Manny Pacquiao says he’s in talks with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for their long-awaited rematch in December, albeit in an exhibition match. The fight still isn’t locked in, but there’s a chance it’ll take place.

Pacquiao is also interested in fighting Amir Khan & Gervonta Davis. It’s unclear if he’s hoping the Saudis will want to pay to stage these exhibitions in their country. If so, that would make sense for why he’s in Saudi Arabia.

Manny wouldn’t be the only one trying to hustle a fight this week. John Fury has called out Mike Tyson repeatedly this week, hoping he’ll agree to fight him in Saudi Arabia. Mike didn’t rule out the possibility of a fight with John happening.

Fans aren’t going to be eager to pay to see & old Mayweather & Pacquiao, both in their mid-40s and no longer popular like they used to be.

People aren’t going to want to pay to see another one of Mayweather’s exhibition matches because he’s been steadily putting them on since 2018, and fans don’t see those things in large numbers. Mayweather has already had two this year alone.

If it goes down, this would be an example of a fight that was marinated too long by the 46-year-old Mayweather, who waited six years to fight Pacquiao in a match in 2015, which brought in 4.4 million PPV buys.

Floyd should have pulled the trigger on the rematch with Pacquiao right away in 2015 rather than waiting eight years after he was old & retired. Waiting this long to try to peddle a rematch with 44-year-old Pacquiao on PPV is foolish.

Mayweather was called a genius, but in reality, he waited too long to make the fight with Pacquiao because he didn’t fight him until after the Filipino star had suffered recent back-to-back losses to Juan Manuel Marquez & Tim Bradley.

If Mayweather had fought Pacquiao before he was beaten by those two, the fight would have likely done better PPV numbers.

“I have an exhibition match coming in December in Japan,” said Manny Pacquiao to the Fight Hub TV site. “We’re working on the opponent. We’re working with Mayweather. Yes,” said Pacquiao when asked if he was fighting Mayweather in an exhibition.

“If he wants,” said Pacquiao when asked why he doesn’t fight Mayweather for real in a non-exhibition match. “We’re still working on it.

“If he comes up to 147, we can fight,” said Pacquiao about his interest in fighting Gervonta Davis. “145, maybe. That’s not a problem for me. I’m an experienced fighter.”

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