Malik Scott: “I’m in awesome shape and I’m ready to go put my hands on Glazkov this week”

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Malik Scott Pic1Exclusive Interview by Charles C. White

How’s it going Malik?

What’s up bro? Everything is great. I’m in awesome shape and I’m ready to go put my hands on Glazkov this week.

So you’re scheduled to fight Vyacheslav Glazkov on February 23rd. How are your preparations going ahead of this bout?

My preparation for this fight was very intensely simple if you understand what I mean by that. But if you don’t, what it mean is whatever hurt the most I did the most. Everything that is considered a so-called weakness of mine I did it repetitiously until all the jagged edges was smoothed out. The product is done and now I cannot wait for the world to see “King” Scott this upcoming Saturday.

What kinds of things are you working on in camp in order to ensure victory?

I worked on a few things, but basically we just added a lot more on to my God-gifted ability.

For your last few fights, you have been coming in at a trim 225 lbs. or so and it has vastly improved your speed and mobility in the ring. Do you expect to come in around that weight this time around as well?

Well we all know it’s no secret that I’m probably the fastest heavyweight on the planet so the speed has even picked up a lot more since the last time people seen me and yes my weight will be around the same lean trim 225/230 lbs., somewhere around there.

Who are you sparring with to prepare you for Glazkov?

We brought in a couple young lions, my main guy who stayed with me all through camp and was given as much as he was taken was Dominic Breazeale who was also on the last Olympic team at super heavyweight and there were about 3 to 4 more other cats that came through for me and gave me some work.

Do you see anything in Glazkov’s style that can give you any problems?

I see things in Glazkov that can give any heavyweight in the world problems. He’s a strong, tough kid with underrated hand speed and a great pedigree…but I’m going to be on my A game this Saturday to advantage of all the loop holes I see in his game as well.

What’s the game plan for defeating a guy like Glazkov? Do you see weaknesses to exploit?

I definitely see a lot of loop holes in his game and I’m going to exploit all of them as much as possible Saturday night.

What would you say your biggest strengths are that will help you against Glazkov?

I mean that’s a long list, but there are a few great attributes to my game that’s going to play a major part in this fight that’s going to help me be victorious this Saturday.

A lot of people are praising the two of you guys for taking this fight at a time when the best don’t seem to fight the best in the heavyweight division. Your thoughts on this?

I’m praising us as well. This is the type of fight that the heavyweight division needs to become relevant again. It’s a great fight on a great station which is NBC Sports and I’m going to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Many are considering Glazkov to be your toughest opponent to date. Do you concur?

Definitely, hands down, but he’s not the best fighter I have ever been in the ring with but as far as my opponents yeah he’s toughest that’s why this is a great fight.

Assuming you defeat Glazkov on the 23rd, what’s next?

Klitschko’s, either one.

Of the two Klitschko brothers, which one do you see yourself having the most success against?

Either one, it doesn’t matter.

This fight will no doubt put the winner in the top 10 of the world rankings. But assuming you win, it will mean much more to you in the sense that a victory will help you assert yourself as the best American heavyweight. Does this further motivate you to put on a great show for the fans?

Yeah, this is all motivation. Just the fight being made and everything at stake has added fuel to my fire, so I’m definitely going to put a great show on just off of them reasons alone.

Does a stage this big, with so much on the line put any added pressure on you?

A stage this big just keeps me in sound mind with a calm, cool, collected demeanor. I’m fully aware of what’s on the line and I’m going to perform at my highest level to stay undefeated and put myself in a great position.

What’s this I hear about you taking a supplement called BRN? What’s that all about?

The supplement “BRN” is a supplement that I stand behind. I think people that are looking to take their workouts to the next level should definitely try it out. It gives less fatigue, it burns fat and it keeps you extremely focused during your most intense workouts. It’s the revolution of supplements and it’s worth a try from any and every athlete.

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Sounds good Malik. Any final thoughts for the readers?

Just want to thank all my fans as well as all my naysayers for keeping my name and career in heavy rotation because without God, my hard work and the motivation I get from you guys there is no me. I want everybody to tune in this Saturday for a great fight with 2 undefeated young heavyweights that’s going to put it all on the line. And please keep in mind that I am a cigar connoisseur so be on the lookout for my very own cigar called “KEVAILAH” that will be in all smoke shops worldwide by the end of this year, so support me with this venture as well. Much love…bless! P.S. all fans and naysayers please follow me on instagram at:215king, facebook at malik scott, and twitter at malikkingscott.

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