Mahmoud Charr Injured Again, Fight vs Kubrat Pulev Is Off!

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/21/2024 - Comments

Mahmoud Charr has once again left the boxing world in suspense—quite literally—as his left bicep clamors for a moment in the surgical spotlight. Just when we all had our snacks ready for an exciting clash with Kubrat Pulev on March 30th in Sofia, Charr’s bicep decided it had other plans, opting for a stint of surgical drama instead. According to Bild Berlin and Charr’s promoter, Erol Ceylan, the bicep just couldn’t hold back from getting involved in the action. And here we are again, led to believe that Charr might prefer legal battles over physical confrontations!

It’s become a repetitive scenario with Charr: the hype builds, the excitement mounts, and then—nothing. He’s becoming akin to the boy who cried wolf in the boxing world. Each time there’s talk of Charr defending his WBA paper title or taking on a significant challenge in the ring, he vanishes.

Charr’s appearances in the ring are becoming as elusive as a unicorn, much to the amusement of the boxing community. Is he expertly dodging his opponents, or is he truly the unluckiest boxer when it comes to pre-fight readiness? In any case, Charr seems to be catching more flak than fists lately, and it’s looking like his legacy might be remembered more for the shots he didn’t take than the victories he did secure.

The search is now on for a new opponent for Pulev, who was fully prepared, with the legendary coach Ulli Wegner by his side, to deliver a spectacular performance in what was billed as the “WBA world championship fight.” This was supposed to be Charr’s chance to shine, to defend his title gloriously. But it seems that Charr might have had a different strategy all along—perhaps aiming to shift the battleground to the courtroom once again, where his track record suggests he might secure another victory in his preferred arena.

So, is Charr getting cold feet about Pulev, opting for a less tough opponent instead? Sounds like someone’s playing it safe again, huh?