Canelo Alvarez: Counterpunching Master Set to Exploit Munguia’s Weakness

By Will Arons - 03/20/2024 - Comments

Promoter Leonard Ellerbe predicts Canelo Alvarez will use his “counter-punching” skills to exploit the defensive weaknesses on Jaime Munguia’s game to knock him out on May 4th in their main event fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo wanted this fight against Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs) for a reason, knowing that the Golden Boy-promoted fighter lacks the skills on defense and the experience to win.

Golden Boy has done a good job with Munguia, steering him around threats in three divisions, 154, 160, and 168, to get this gigantic payday against Canelo on May 4th, which will set him up for life. If Munguia retires after this, he won’t have to worry about money because he’ll have plenty.

Canelo’s Lethal Weapon: The Counterpunch

“Canelo, he’s a great counterpuncher, and it’s about placing the shots and timing everything,” Ellerbe told Fight Hub TV.

Munguia will give Canelo numerous opportunities for him to land his counter-punches with the combination punching that he uses.

Unless Munguia abandons throwing combos and chooses to fight at a slower pace by throwing fewer shots, He will get countered all night by Canelo. The problem is, if Munguia alters his offense to limit the counters that Canelo hits him with, he will lose the fight.

Munguia’s only chance of winning is to outwork Canelo; he’ll have to take a lot of hard shots, some that he won’t see coming.

Munguia’s Achilles Heel: Defense

“Let’s be honest, man. Munguia isn’t known for having the best defense in the world,” said Ellerbe.

Munguia, 27, has been able to get away with his defensive lapses because his promoters at Golden Boy and Zanfer have matched him throughout his career.

They’ve put him in with 43 guys who could not make him pay for being so easy to hit, and this has gotten him to this point where he can cash out against Cnanelo.

“Just a couple of fights ago, people weren’t talking about him in this kind of terms, of facing a guy like Canelo,” said Ellerbe. “Canelo is licking his chops for this fight.”


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