Lukasz Rozanski Takes Out Alen Babic In A Round – Boxing Results

By James Slater - 04/22/2023 - Comments

Tonight in Poland, local hero Lukasz Rozanski stopped Alen Babic inside the very first round to win the WBC bridgerweight title. 37 year old Rozanski, fighting in front of a pumped up crowd of supporters, decked Babic with a right hand early on and his follow-up barrage prompted the third man to dive in and halt proceedings.

Time was 2 mins, 10-seconds and new champ Rozanski, who was having his first fight since May of 2021, is now 15-0(14). “Savage” Babic loses for the first time in going to 11-1(10).

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Tonight’s fight, widely expected to be a slugfest, was over with in a flash. Both men came out for war but it was Rozanski, the older man by five years at the age of 37, who got to work in more efficient fashion. Catching Babic with left hands to the head, Rozanski then dropped Babic with a right hand to the head.

Babic was hurt, although he tried to insist he was not. Rozanski went for the finish, his hands blazing away, with Babic still buzzed and taking way too many punches. Babic tried to fight back but he was gone, the ref having no choice but to dive in.

This was a great win for Rozanski, while at the same time it was a stunning setback for Babic. There is already some talk of a rematch, seeing as how tonight’s fight was over in a blur. But it’s tough to see how Babic would be able to overcome Rozanaki’s super-fast start in a return clash.

Coming in to tonight’s fight, it was Babic who was predicting an early KO. Instead, Polish hero Rozanski got the job done in style, and on a big stage.

How far can slugger Rozanski go, and will the man who has never gone beyond four rounds stay at bridgerweight? Can Babic come again?

Tonight’s fight was not expected to be pretty, and it wasn’t. But it sure was fun while it lasted. For sure, Rozanski’s army of fans will be going home very happy tonight.

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