Look out, America – Tyson Fury is headed your way!

It’s always best advised to take most of what heavyweight champion Tyson Fury says with a pinch of salt. The unbeaten giant says so many things – some controversial some just plain daft – and not all of his outbursts truly reflect what he is thinking. So what to make of Fury’s latest statement (yes, Fury had even more to say after yesterday’s astonishing press conference in Manchester!) – that he will fight Wladimir Klitschko on July 9th and then, that’s it, he’s emigrating to Los Angeles?

Does Fury really mean what he says, or is he just angry at the moment? Speaking with the BBC yesterday, Fury had the following to say:

“I’m not accepted in Britain because I am a Gypsy and that will never change,” Fury stated. “The Klitschko fight will be my last in Britain. Get past him and I’m away. This country has been waiting for me for 120 years but when I finally arrived, people called me a bum. So I’m moving to America, where champions are appreciated. I made the decision last week to move to Los Angeles, where they admire success and big talking. I was made for America.”

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Fury didn’t say whether or not he plans on fighting in America. He said at yesterday’s press conference that he “hates boxing” and “wishes he wasn’t a boxer.” Fury went as far as to say that if Klitschko knocked him out he would be somewhat relieved, as he could then retire. So who knows, maybe even a victorious Fury will decide to fight no more after July 9th? Fury has certainly made plenty of money already and the rematch will likely net him additional millions.

Or maybe Fury will look up a US promoter and look to fight in L.A, or elsewhere in the states. A fight with Deontay Wilder would be absolutely enormous in the US; maybe in L.A or in Las Vegas. And that’s just the boxing side of things. How will the average American take to Fury? In the UK, Fury has regularly been featured on the front pages of newspapers, not just the sports pages; due to his often controversial statements and musings. Will Fury fit in as well as he thinks he will in the USA?