Josh Taylor Says He’ll Fight Jack Catterall Again “To Shut Everyone Up”

By James Slater - 06/21/2022 - Comments

Back in February, after being awarded one of the most controversial decisions in years in defeating Jack Catterall, unified 140 pound champ Josh Taylor said he was done at the weight, that he was moving up. But then Taylor was quite literally bombarded with criticism, even hate messages. Now, having decided he can make 140 pounds one more time, Taylor says he will fight Catterall again so as to “shut everyone up.”

Taylor still insists he deserved the decision he got in February, but he is adamant he will prove that he merely had an “off night” in February.

“I don’t think it was the wrong decision [against Catterall], but I want to shut everyone up. I want to prove that was an off night for me and that I’m one of the best fighters on the planet,” Taylor said in speaking with The National. “Because of all the stick and abuse I’ve been getting, and the way Jack’s been too, mouthing off and moaning, I just want to shut his mouth. The single reason I’m staying at the weight is to shut him and everyone else up.”

This is good news, for both fighters and for the sport. The decision of four months ago really did cause a ton of controversy and it would not have been good if Taylor had not granted the deserving Catterall a return shot. Taylor is acting like a champion here and we can look forward to what should be a great rematch.

However, Catterall says he has not yet received an official offer for the fight, with the challenger saying he is not sure Taylor “really wants it.”

“Tartan Torn***hole, all bark no bite. I’m still waiting for an offer. I’m ready to go, I don’t believe you really want it,” Catterall wrote on social media.

Further complicating things is the fact that Taylor has been ordered by the WBC to defend against Jose Zepeda next. Will Taylor have two more fights at 140? What if he loses to Zepeda? Catterall is fully deserving of a second shot at Taylor and Taylor says he will get one. But the fight could be some months away still. Bottom line: these two British warriors need to settle their rivalry. Who wins the rematch if/when it happens?