Wilder will lose his career & possibly his life against Tyson – says John Fury

Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, is sending a chilling prediction about the fate of Deontay Wilder, saying he’s either going to lose his life or end up an invalid after he faces ‘The Gypsy King’ in their trilogy match on October 9th.

John isn’t saying where WBC heavyweight champion Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) will discover the power to end Wilder’s career and possibly his life when the two meet on FOX Sports pay-per-view at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Will Fury get away with rabbit punching?

In their rematch last year, Fury did most of the damage to Wilder by hitting him behind the head with illegal blows. The referee did a dreadful job of controlling Fury’s fouling.

It was one of those types of fights in which the referee was there in body only and doing zero to control the rabbit punches that Fury was raining on Wilder.

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Unless Fury is able to get away with hitting Wilder with rabbit shots all night long without worry of being disqualified, he’s not likely going to be able to hurt him as his father, John Fury, is predicting.

If Fury can have a field day with the rabbit punching once again, yeah, Wilder could be at risk. With that said, the referee is there for a reason, and hopefully, this time, we have someone a little more engaged, ready to disqualify Fury if he goes the whole hog with the fouling.

John Fury says Wilder may lose his life

“He can look terrible in a training camp, but when he gets in that ring, he’s a different man, different animal,” John Fury said to Boxing Social about his son Tyson. ‘And they got it wrong twice.

“And they’ll get it wrong the third time. But the third time will cost him [Wilder] his career and his life, probably,” John said in predicting death for Deontay against Fury.

Wow! John Fury is really predicting some bad stuff for October 9th. I just hope he’s not too disappointed if his son Tyson winds up getting disqualified for fouling if he can’t control his rabbit punching.

If the rumors are true of Fury getting battered by his sparring partner ‘Big Baby’ Jared Anderson during training for his postponed July 24th fight against Deontay, that might explain why the bout was moved to October 9th.

Yeah, we heard that Fury allegedly had COVID-19, but there are still many boxing fans that DON’T buy that excuse. They’ve seen photos of Fury out and about in the casinos, looking as happy & healthy as a Lark.

Many boxing fans think that Fury was getting worked over daily by Jared Anderson and that the ticket sales were poor.

John Fury says Wilder could be an “invalid”

“If he’s not dead, he’ll be an invalid, which is a silly man,” said John in sending a warning to Deontay. “But if they want to sell their soul and put their life on the line for money, which I’m sure they will get on with it,” said John.

Deontay Wilder, John Fury, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

John Fury doesn’t seem to realize that his son is a weak puncher, and he’s not someone with Mike Tyson type of power. I mean, he may share Tyson’s name, but he’s no knockout artist.

If Fury tries the same tricks as last time against Wilder, he’ll be disqualified or penalized to the point where he would actually need a knockout to win.

They [Team Wilder] cherry-picked him the first time thinking,” continued John Fury. “‘He’s been out of the ring for years; he’s been abusing himself. We can’t lose,'” said John about Wilder’s team choosing to fight Fury after he’d had a couple of tune-ups after being out of the ring for 2 1/2 years.

What is John talking about? Fury had already had two tune-ups by the time Wilder fought him in 2018. Fury didn’t come into the fight with Deontay after being out of the ring for close to three years.

Fury had already fought Sefer Seferi and former world title challenger Francesco Pianeta when Wilder threw him a bone by giving Tyson a world title shot that he hadn’t earned. Wilder showed kindness to Fury when he gave him a title shot. He didn’t have to do that.

“But every time Tyson, when he’s in that ring, he changes his full job,” said John Fury.

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  1. I ordered fury to fake catching the covit on this website comment section , which fury did because I gave him no choice .
    Now I order fury to fake mental health issues to escape the well deserved thrashing that Deontay Wilder is rightfully justified in administratering .
    An Deontay Wilder is capable of doing so . I further order fury to chunk the belt in the bin

  2. Don’t let these gambits by the wealthy people distract and enrage you . Deontay Wilder is cool and calm and they’re the ones losing money , honor , legacy , and historical rightful recognition for being the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question . The record shows Deontay Wilders legacy is being attempted to be held back , Deontay Wilders legacy is cemented already and further legendary unfolding can only be postponed .

  3. It’s been two years and an investigation is still pending for the allogations of cheating tactics . How long does it take to see the gloves were flapping ?

    • The gloves didn’t flap . Who am I supposed to believe you or Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC ? Maricio Suliaman said anybody who wants to see an investigation is stupid .

  4. John fury is projecting onto Deontay Wilder what he feels himself will happen to fury . John has had nightmares ever since Deontay Wilder was immediately investigated by the WBC for saying he was looking forward to killing an opponent .

    • I suppose you’re saying that John fury is saying Deontay Wilder is going to be killed just because Deontay Wilder said he wants to catch a body . No the fury’s wanted to kill Deontay Wilder first .

  5. We know fury cheated , he won didn’t he ?
    We know fury never caught covit , it worked didn’t it?
    It’s a white man’s world .

  6. We haven’t defended the WBC belt in two years , we don’t have to , we don’t want to , and you can’t make us . Why ? Simply because Maricio Suliaman will do what he is told . Why ? Maricio Suliaman and beoncay will follow orders because it is a white man’s world .

  7. It’s a white man’s world . If beoncay Wilder wanted to be treated like a human rather than an undesirable , he should have chosen his parents wisely .

  8. You imbecilic bias playing dumb cowards , Loud mouth incompetent phoney baloney foil flam con artists may run , but you can’t hide .
    Ha ha ha ha ha , told you so ha ha .

    • Quinton , it is you that are bias . Even more, you are a willing co-conspiritor in an overt trickery and treasonous blasfemous crime .

  9. You seem a tad bit biased; just guessing. How could a ruptured eardrum come from a shot behind the head? I believe the ear is on the side. And what did you think about the knockdown in the first fight? Wilder hit Fury on the back of the head. I guess that was OK, right?

    • The eardrum wasn’t ruptured , there was a cut in the inside of the ear Deontay Wilder suspected that it was caused by the finger nail of an open palm that had been pulled down a flopping glove .

    • That’s right Quinton , the better boxer won and Wilder fan boys just refuse to admit it. Quit making excuses , the water spiking gloves tampering cocaine steroids and enhancement drugs referee and Media crimes .
      Covit saved beoncay Wilder, the twerkanator this time .

  10. It’s funny how Fury’s team including his Father spends more time attempting to get into Deontay’s mind. It’s a trilogy, not trivial of the minds pursuit. Laughing out loud, literally! Wilder’s psyche is way too strong. And the ref in second fight should be held accountable for his actions, and never be allowed in any boxing ring ever again!! #TeamWilder

    • Deontay Wilder is anointed . Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving .

    • Yeah , Kenny Bayless was the referee for the Miguel Cotto vs Antonio margarito plaster of Paris scandal . Both these referee’s Jack Reiss and Bayless are dishonest . This whole structure is overtly audatiously and aggressively criminal . They don’t even try to hide it .

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