Jarrell Miller Makes His Return To The Ring Tomorrow In Argentina

By James Slater - 06/22/2022 - Comments

Disgraced former heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller has seen out his suspension and the New Yorker dubbed “Big Baby” will make his ring return tomorrow night in Argentina. Miller, who aims to become a top contender all over again, was of course suspended for two failed drugs tests – one ruining his shot at Anthony Joshua, the second seeing his supposed comeback fight with Jerry Forrest get scrapped.

Tomorrow, Miller, 23-0-1(20) will face Ariel Esteban Bracamonte of Cordoba, Argentina, Bracamonte being a 29 year old with a modest 11-7(6) pro record; Bracamonte having been stopped some five times. And get this, the fight will be part of the WBA’s KO to Drugs festival! You can see the irony.

So how will fight fans react when they see 34 year old Miller back in action? Miller may well get a mixed response and it is probably a smart move having his return fight outside the US. Miller has not boxed since back in November of 2018 but he has been working in the gym, this with new trainer Kevin Cunningham. Miller also sparred with Tyson Fury recently, stating how Fury was “kicking my ass.”

Miller is a big guy so his weight could be on the hefty side after such a long time out. But this particular boxing comeback is all about trust and reputation. Are you willing to trust Miller to do the right thing and stay clean in this, his last chance? Can Miller’s rep ever be fully restored? There is no word yet on US or UK TV coverage of tomorrow’s fight card but fans will likely be able to catch the action some place. If you wish to watch Miller, that is.

It’s possible plenty of fans were turned off permanently after Miller’s two failed tests. Those fans that do watch Miller-Bracamonte will likely see “Big Baby” get himself a relatively straightforward, quick stoppage win. We will then see what Miller’s next move will be with regards to how soon he fights again and where.

Last Updated on 06/22/2022