Jaron Ennis To Sign With Matchroom Boxing?

By James Slater - 12/10/2023 - Comments

Bozy Ennis Says Talks Are Ongoing With Regards To Boots Perhaps Signing With Matchroom

Fans are in agreement when it comes to unbeaten welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis being one of the hottest talents in the sport right now. Recently awarded the IBF welterweight title that was stripped (most people think unfairly) from Terence Crawford, Ennis is looking towards a big 2024. Boots is also looking for a new promotional deal.

Bozy Ennis, speaking with IFL TV, said he and his son are currently in talks with a number of promotional outfits, including Matchroom. Bozy, who said his son is still with Stephen Espinoza, this despite the fact that Showtime will exit the sport of boxing later this month, said the best possible deal is of course what is being sought for Boots.

“We’re still with Espinoza, even though Showtime is really [gonna] be up with boxing, I think December 16th is the last show. But we’re still associated with him right now,” Bozy said. “We are in communication with Matchroom right now, and a slot of other organisations. We’ve been talking, my people and Eddie’s people. They [Matchroom] are doing a beautiful job right now. We’re looking at, what fighters do they have, so that we can get to the rest of them titles? All the other [welterweight] titles are not associated with Matchroom at all. And that’s what we’re after, [the promotional group with the fighters who have] all the titles.”

So, will Matchroom lose out, maybe to PBC? Whoever Ennis signs with, the promotional group will have pulled off quite the coup in signing Boots, that’s for sure. Hearn will no doubt want to get Ennis to join his stable. We will follow developments with interest.

But as far as Conor Benn’s recent calling out of Boots, Bozy said there is no interest in that fight right now.

“No, not next, because Conor Benn’s not ranked in the top-15,” Bozy explained. “What good is that? We don’t need to be going backwards. If you look at the ranking’s, he’s ranked at number-19. We’re going after the guys that have the belts. Right now, Crawford’s got all the belts, and once he relinquishes them belts, that’s what we’re going after, we’re gonna collect them belts. After we collect them belts, we going up to 154.”

The fight plenty of us would like to see is Crawford against Ennis, but does Crawford have any interest in taking the fight? Boots may indeed get busy winning vacant belts. This would not be ideal, but what is Ennis supposed to do if the big dog of the division won’t agree to fight him?

Whoever Ennis, 31-0(28) fights next year, it will be exciting and we fans will for sure tune in. And it could be that Eddie Hearn will be promoting these fights. Maybe.

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